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Back to reality…

The jet lag is subsiding little by little.  Last night I went to be around 10PM and woke up at 6:30AM but not without some intermittent waking.  Soon I’ll be back to my normal bedtime around midnight and my normal wake time around 8AM.  I’m actually looking forward to going back to Company H next week.  (The weather should be nice for biking too as I missed most of the summer gross.).  The changes at Company H ought to be interesting.  Today I had a Japanese lesson but I moved it.  I’m trying to let this tattoo heal up quickly and that involves staying out of the sun and taking it easy.  It’s boring as I want to be out in the world (my world).  The tattoo turned out beautifully!  It was my own design that the tattoo artist did his job and made look like a tattoo.  It’s music inspired since music is the thing that actually made me happy to be in this city.  I often find myself reminiscing for the days when Shingo was here and practically every weekend was filled with Yuichiro’s beautiful music.  Soon that should start again but without Shingo here.  Too bad.  I like that kid.

Anyway, later tonight I have a freelance meeting.  The money can start rolling in again because I want to buy some shoes.  I don’t need shoes of course.  I just want them.  Shoe dreams aside, I also need to start saving money.  However, I just put all of my pants in a bag to donate as they are now too large.  (Hooray!)  And as they say in GoT…winter is coming, so I’ll need pants for that.  Though I may be able to survive in cute tights (except I don’t know how warm that’ll be on the bike).  I’m so happy to have come back to Japan in the face of cooler temps.

In other new since things are returning to normal, Mamoru and I had a huge fight my first morning I was back.  Basically it started because he gave away body sprays from Bath & Body Works I had picked out for myself to his coworkers.  What a perfectly shitty thing to do.  He said he didn’t do it on purpose and the bags must have gotten mixed up.  He refused to take any responsibility, and he shouldn’t have had to contact me about the sprays since he thought they were his to give away.  I thought he should have which he said was ridiculous (for three small sprays really).  I said this was another example of him thinking of his work before me and lack of communication.  It ended with him saying “maybe we aren’t a good match”.  Sigh.  Marriage sucks balls sometimes.  Especially being married to someone as stubborn as Mamoru.

I guess that’s all.  I’m thinking of putting on a t-shirt (to cover the tattoo) and riding my bike up to the station with a Starbucks and a Uniqlo.  I need to get some gift bags and pants.  Maybe only one pair right now.  Then maybe take a nap when I come back.  I hope today is a good day for you.

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