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More on the weight loss…

The scale hit 63.7kg today.  That’s 140 pounds.  Holy shit I can’t tell you the last time I remember weighing 140 pounds.  It was before I moved to Japan, I’ll tell you that.  On Facebook the memories come up daily, and I look at old pictures of myself either on FB itself or on my old blog.  I just look so different, my legs, my face, my arms, my waist.  Like a completely different person.  I’m completely okay with this because that different person is a better person.  She’s happier, she’s cuter, and she’s sure as shit more fun (as if that was even possible)!  So I just finished out cleaning out my closet.  I find with weight loss I do this a lot more than before I lost weight.  Same with shopping too.  Fortunately, H&M gives you a ¥500 off coupon if you bring a bag of clothes to recycle.  They will only give you one coupon at a time so I bring the bags in at separate times.  I told one of my freelance clients about this and she got 2 coupons but doesn’t shop there, so she gave them to me.  Lucky lucky.  I almost always shop the clearance at H&M so I’m already getting clothes super cheap.  I’ve also found that some clothes I bought during this weight loss don’t fit so well anymore, so that’s good news too.  Not good for my pocketbook though.  Winter is coming soon I’ll need to start adding pants back to my collection since I just cleared out my drawer of almost all of my too big pants.  Only thing left is one pair of capris I bought here and some pants I bought in America.  I hate trying on pants in America because you have to take off your shoes and then where do you stand?  On the dirty floor?  In Japan, you take off your shoes before you get in the dressing room.  Why don’t they have this in America?  It only makes sense.

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m rambling on about.  I just wanted to brag about my recent weight loss.  My tattoo started peeling today, so itching is coming soon.  I look forward to that.  #not  Also, looks like it’s gonna warm up next week which sucks especially since the weather has been nice and cool.  Welcome back to work with sweaty temps.  Thanks Japan.  Hopefully, this impending typhoon will make a difference and cool it down next week.  We can only hope since typhoons do nothing except be annoying.

That’s all for me today.  I’ve got a freelance meeting and yoga later.  No karaoke tonight since Rei’s dumb boyfriend is visiting.  That’s okay because tomorrow is Yuichiro’s live show.  ❤️  Not even a typhoon can ruin tomorrow.  I’m happy to be back in the music.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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