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“Don’t flip my switch tonight…”

It’s a little after 4AM and my blood is boiling,  I’m furious.  I’m trying to go back to sleep but there’s so much in my head that I need to get it out somewhere.  Once it’s here (and the Advil PM kicks in) maybe I can sleep peacefully.  (Oh and lucky me I get to type this out because Mamoru fell asleep on the sofa…again.)

Two things happened yesterday that kind of pissed me off.  (Okay well really pissed me off).  First, Demande messaged me out of the fucking blue wanting to hang out.  (It’s been more than a month since I’ve spoken to him).  Since he’s a shallow fucker, I’m guessing he saw my recent weight loss pic of Instagram and was all like, “Hey she’s super skinny now!  I wanna be her friend again!”  Of course, I may be way outta the ballpark there.  But he was kind of a dick to me last time we spoke.  (By ‘kind of a dick” I mean a total dick.)  I haven’t responded to his plea to hang out with skinny Usagi because that girl had fallen asleep.  I don’t know what to do.  Why am I so nice and forgiving?  I really ought to say “fuck you” and call it a day.

Next Rei’s boyfriend is here.  He doesn’t live in Japan, and he basically abandoned her this summer to return to his home country leaving her heartbroken.  Since I am such a good friend, I was there to pick of the pieces, and this is when we became really close.  I love Rei.  She’s my best friend here.  However, I don’t much care for her boyfriend.  He’s jealous and possessive, and she’s constantly complaining about him to me.  For example, when her cat died, she said he offered no comfort whatsoever.  She also says he’s boring.  His Instgram confirms this with blurry pictures of his face and photos of ceiling lamps.  When she went to visit him, she said she was bored all the time and he wouldn’t let her do anything by herself not even shopping (and what’s worse is that he doesn’t live in a 3rd world country).  This is extra ridiculous because Rei is one of the most (if not the most) independent and easily one of the strongest women I’ve ever met in Japan and America.  She often didn’t want to hang out with him and his friends.  When she came back to Japan, he came with her.  Legally he can stay here 3 months.  I hope he doesn’t.  Yesterday, he got sick with a fever.  She complained about his man flu (because that’s absolutely what it is) to me all day.  She didn’t want to make soup for him (opting to buy some at the コンビニ) or take care of him while he’s sick.  I get it.  I don’t want to take care of Mamoru when he’s sick either.  Man flu turns men into sniveling babies.  It’s ridiculous.  You’d think they were dying.

Yuichiro’s show is in a little more than 12 hours, and I’m literally counting down the minutes.  After yoga yesterday, Kotono and I went to grab a bite.  While I was cycling home, Rei messaged me and said: “We may not be able to go because he has a fever of 40° and he’s dying.”  First of all, he was never invited.  Rei said he was going to some dumb festival (which I’m sure he canceled now do to a sudden onset of man flu).  Because of this I didn’t have Yuichiro put him on the advance list, so if he comes, he has to pay full price.  I don’t want him there anyway polluting my music space with his lameness.  Secondly, maybe this sounds cold but what can she do for him anyway?  He is literally NOT dying.  I said I would bring some Advil over (which we all know will break the fever).  This is a tremendous gesture on my part since I import that shit from the US and don’t part with it lightly.  So make him take the Advil, and he can sleep off his man flu.  What can she do for him?  He doesn’t live here, so I’m assuming she won’t be taking him to the doctor, and even if she does take him to the doctor, they aren’t open at night (when the show is).  He probably wants to sleep and whine and that would be no fun for her.  She’s not his wife or his mother, and even if she were one of those, she isn’t obligated to take care of him.  I haven’t see her in a month, and she knows how important this is to me.  I’ve been talking about it for months, and she promised she’d go with me even if he was dying which again he’s not.  He’s just a giant fucking baby.

I hope I pass out soon and in the morning everything is right.  Even if it’s not, Kotono will go with me tomorrow, and we’ll dance and drink and laugh and with the music all will be right with the world.  And I hope I can forgive Rei if she bails on me for her piece of shit baby boyfriend.  Night night.

P.S. – Identify the title quote without cheating and win a prize.

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