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Sing me a song…many songs…

First of all I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank AF for waiting until I got home last night to start bleeding into my panties.  I feel like she owed me this one since she came early last month and ruined my beach vacation.

Last night was perfectly wonderful.  Rei did end up coming after all (more on that later).  Before the show I went to the 商店街 near the venue to drop off one of three bags of clothes at H&M and get my coupon.  Everyone was irritating me (walking on the wrong side of the 商店街 and hitting me with umbrellas) so I decided to grab a chu-hi and drink it while waiting for Kotono (as Rei said she’d be late).  Kotono arrived early actually and we walked to the venue which was on a side street bereft of people.  While walking we saw the drummer and then Yuichiro’s band manager walked by while Kotono and I were standing in front of the 7/11 drinking.  I introduced them and he said they wouldn’t open until 6 which was okay with us and we finished our beers.

We got into the venue and almost immediately (as if it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed) Yuichiro walked out from the band/backstage area.  Time stopped for a second as he registered my unfamiliar familiar face and bolted toward me giving me the best and longest hug ever.  It was so funny because a couple times I thought the hug was done but it wasn’t.  It was an awesomely surprising feeling (an so very un-Japanese).  I gave him all his おみやげ from America which consisted of a lot of Cheez-Its, candy, mints, and two basketball shirts which unfortunately were one size two big.  So much for that surprise.  I told him to go to the gym or wear them as jammies.

Throughout the night everyone (from different bands) kept coming up to me and shouting “Usagi!” because they hadn’t seen me in a month at least.  Kotono got a kick out of it (I had warned her I was the very famous Usagi around here).  She kept laughing and saying “You know everyone.”  I’ve lost count of how many shows I’ve been to.  Throughout the night Yuichiro and I talked, and I marveled at how different he looked (in only just a little more than a month without seeing him).  Before he had said he was trying to grow his hair long enough to tie back in a mid ponytail and he finally got it long enough.  His arm was bandaged from where he burned himself at the restaurant where he works when he’s not at Company H.  We danced and drank and danced some more.  Kotono seemed to be happy and enjoying herself and so did Rei despite her Debbie Downer sick boyfriend metaphorically looming over her shoulder.

Yuichiro had been telling me that his band was working on a new set list for this show, but he wouldn’t tell me anything about it.  He kept saying it was a secret no matter how much I pried.  When I spoke to him before the show I asked if he was singing and he said “Bob Marley” but he wouldn’t tell me if it was the same Bob Marley song he had sung before or a new one.  When his band went to play, I recognized some familiar chords so I was able to finally get a video of Yuichiro singing.  It was fantastic of course, but I told him I preferred the other song better.  I was happy to have the video though and I later sent it to Shingo who always seems to miss when Yuichiro sings.  Anyway, they were great as usual and the next band also one of my favorites was fantastic as well.  At the end of their set, Rei suddenly said that she had to go because her boyfriend needed something.  My guess is he saw my Instagram videos and saw we were having fun without him and got jealous so demanded she come home.  He’s so manipulative.  I don’t care for this guy at all.  I was shocked because the headliner came all the way from Tokyo and she was the reason that this show was more expensive than all the others but Rei left before the headliner even started.

Nonetheless, the headliner was amazing.  She was so cute and lively and funny and dancing all over the small stage.  Her second to last song, she made everyone sit down while she sang and everyone did so even the band.  It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  I’m constantly surprised by this scene.  Before the headliner finished Kotono said she was feeling tired so I told her to go as I’d be fine because I know everyone there.  I walked with Yuichiro to his station (different from mine).  We chatted a little, made a video, and then said a long goodbye (as long as his last train would allow).  He promised to see me next at Company H (as in he’d come see me if he had time) and I promised to be at his next show as life returns to normal.  He seemed surprised by this but as I’ve told him many times I am his biggest fan.  Not only musically but I’m also a fan of him as a person as he’s an awesome person.

After we parted and I was walking toward the station solo, I heard a female voice call out “Usagi!” and since there is like approximately 1 person in all of Japan named Usagi, I assumed she was calling me and I turned around to see the lead singer of Yuichiro’s band.  We walked to the station and chatted a little.  I told her I’d be at the next show.  She introduced me to her boyfriend and when she told him who I was to Yuichiro he offered the same reaction that literally everyone who meets me has: “EH~!”  Completely full of shock as I guess I don’t match the image of someone who looks like they would work at a place like Company H.  Granted I do look a lot different when I’m actually at Company H versus when I’m in the real world.  Mostly all my tattoos are covered and I’m not dancing to reggae music.  Anyway, we parted ways heading to different trains and I rode the train home and sang loudly while walking home from the station.  It was a night full of beautiful happiness in the form of sweet sweet music.

Now I’m lying in bed because the first day of AF is always the worst.  Despite taking Advil, I still have a headache and a stomachache just decided to show up.  Mamoru and I were supposed to go to a movie but I don’t know if I feel up to it.  But yeah seriously thanks AF for not coming yesterday.  I appreciate being able to enjoy the music.

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