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Things are…different…

I met with Demande last night.  However, he didn’t want me to do any freelance work for him.  He wanted to eat dinner and have a couple of cocktails, so that’s what we did.  Demande was different.  He was kind, friendly, and complimentary.  I continually seemed shocked by the behavior (and I loudly expressed this).  He wondered why as he said he was like this when we first met.  Maybe he was.  If I think hard I can vaguely remember a kinder, gentler Demande.  He said he had been angry (maybe because his cat died) for a long time, and he finally returned to normal.  He apologized for being a giant bag of dicks to me, and well, I guess, I accepted his apology.  I am generally a very forgiving person, and to be honest I don’t have a lot of friends here.  So if he wants to be kind to me then we can have a friendship, but I warned him not to be a douchwaffle again.

In other news I haven’t seen Yuichiro all week.  I’ve been at the less busy branch of Company H while he’s been over at the busier one.  Granted he could walk over to my branch as they are about 15 minutes away from each other.  He hasn’t, and I’ve been bored to tears.  He’s got stuff to do there too, and it’s not his responsibility to keep me entertained at work.  But if we’re being honest here (and why not on the blog) I miss him.  I miss talking to him and all the general silliness that occurred whenever he walked into our office.  He’s sent me messages sparsely.  Some days are more message heavy than others.  I need to talk to him about Friday’s show, and I’m dying to get the dirt on the pregnant singer, but mostly I just want to talk to him.

Today it’s raining.  I’m hoping it lets up, so I can ride my bike to Company H.  Yesterday I didn’t because Demande picked me up in his car and so I feel like a bit of a slacker.  I’m sure the scale will reflect that in addition to all the junk I ate yesterday.  Okay, I’ve got to get up and do the damn thing.  I took a coworker’s shift at Company H tomorrow and since I usually freelance on Friday, I had to move that to today.  Ugh busy again.  Have a good day everyone!

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