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I love/hate my life.  Let me back up.

Boy what a weekend it’s been and it’s only just started.  Yesterday, Rei and I went to see Yuichiro’s band host a live show.  It started out a little slow, and I was afraid maybe no one would come since there were other events that night.  However, after the first two singers, a full band was set up with three horns, congos and bongos, as well as all the necessary parts of a band, but no singer.  The band played while a guy dressed kind of oddly came up to Rei and tried to grab her drink.  She pulled it away from him, of course, but it turned out to be the singer and he hopped up onstage and man oh man the energy from this band was electric and the venue just sprang to life.  They were a funk band and hot damn were they funky.  The bass player danced throughout their set and the singer was off the charts dancing and singing.  At one point, he threw his hat into the audience.  Toward the end, he grabbed Rei to dance on stage with the band and I thought he only wanted her but then grabbed me too.  I saw Yuichiro tell the girl he was standing next to him that I’m from Company H.  (I didn’t hear this but I knew he told her that because she gave the standard shocked response).  Later she told Yuichiro she thought I was cute which he told me and then she reiterated (since she was right next to him).  We talked the the funky band, I bought a CD, and both Rei and I drank a lot.  Yuichiro’s band was great as per usual.  After it was over, we walked to the train and rode the train together singing along to one of her favorite locals.  The night was wonderful, and I loved every minute.

Coming home was a different story entirely.  First Mamoru was drunk which equals useless.  He did manage to clean the mess Small Lady made, but then when it came to feeding her, he failed miserably.  I asked him when I came home if he had fed her.  He said no.  I took a shower.  When I got out of the shower (maybe 10 minutes later), he proceeded to ask me if I fed Small Lady.  What the actual fuck?  When did I feed her?  When I was in the fucking shower?  Are you fucking kidding?  I ended up feeding her and he passed out on the sofa for the 3rd night in a row.

In the morning, he barely breathed “good morning” to me and then the first thing he wanted to know was did I water the plants.  The plants were dying, so it was obvious I hadn’t.  Like when did I have time?  I had to work at Company H and had freelance meetings all fucking week.  I’ve only been home to shower and sleep and I decided to go out Friday night with Rei because I wanted to have some fucking fun this week.  So I lost it and we had a big nasty fight but I think he understood how I felt.  We made up and everything was fine.

Meanwhile, I had been trying to figure out how to go to this reggae festival in a nearby city (about 1 hour away).  I missed the boat on advance tickets and I didn’t want to pay ¥5200 for the door tickets.  One of the artists (a friend of Yuichiro’s) posted on his Instagram that he had some cheap advance tickets available, so I sent him a message.  When I got there, I had expected to pay ¥4200 (the advance price), but these special tickets were only ¥3500.  Score!  Most of the time I was bored because I went by myself.  Yuichiro said he might come but ended up not coming.  At one point these two guys talked to me and one bought me a drink.  That was nice.  I watched my favorite girl perform (the one who Yuichiro says is pregnant).  I talked to her drummer and later found out they were a couple but not married only (as she explained) promised to one another which is sweet.  She and her drummer got me lots of free beers (maybe 3?) and she danced with me the rest of the night.  She’s wonderful, but I don’t think she’s pregnant.  She drank a lot.  A lot more than I did.  Now I don’t know what to think.  Would still like to get some clarification from Yuichiro on that.  Anyway, the event started out a little boring, but in the end it was awesome.  I couldn’t find a bus to take so I walked from the event park to the station which took about 30 minutes.  When I got to the station, there was the singer, drummer, and manager.  We had some laughs and some last goodbyes and then I got on the train.  I told Mamoru when I’d be home and why it took so long.  Everything was fine.

When I got home, it was a whole different story.  He barely said hello to me and then the next thing out of his mouth was accusing me of taking his portable charger.  Awesome.  So we had to have the exact same fight we had this morning only at a different time.  No, I didn’t take his charger without asking.  He insists I must have because he didn’t touch it.  How ridiculous is this?  In the end, he never found his charger and accused me of being crazy since I dumped 3 bags of mine on the bed for him to search through since he still didn’t believe me.  I’m in bed now and he’ll probably sleep on the sofa again, and if we’re being honest, I hope he does because he was a huge asshole to me tonight.  Completely killed my happy post show vibe.  And we didn’t even make up this time.  I cried “bullshit” and that was that.  I was finished talking to him.  I hope he finds his charger in one of his fucking bags.

Ugh is the weekend over yet?  Yeah I love/hate my life.  I love the music and all the happiness that comes with it, but I hate coming home to ugly fights.  Really looking forward to my birthday.  #not


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