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It’s the eve of my 38th (gah that sounds horrible already) birthday.  I had a freelance meeting this morning and this lady is so kind and sweet she got me a birthday succulent in a Halloween pot.  How awesome is that?  I love plants, and I love Halloween.  Double score.  Speaking of Halloween, I spent most of the afternoon working on my Halloween costume.  The jacket is about 90% done.  The 10% being the zipper that made me cuss up a storm so I called it a day.

During that frustrating endeavor, Demande (who had previously told me he was free tomorrow) suddenly decided he had to work leaving no time for me on my birthday.  No one else had time for me either (especially not Mamoru), so I wasn’t really surprised that this happened, but I was really bummed out.  I did cry about it because I imagined a repeat of last year’s birthday.  I walked to Starbucks, had a drink, ate Indian food alone and called it a day.  It was a terrible birthday.  Mamoru and I will do something tomorrow and then I will do something with Kunzite, Kotono, and Rei on the holiday, but there’s something about the day.  I just don’t want to be alone, you know.


Regardless, I decided to go see the singer (who I’m now calling Mimi aka Mimete since I talk about her enough).  She kinda looks like her too, so yet another good pseudonym.  Mimi’s doing a band set separate from the usual band she performs with, but at least I’ll know her and not be alone on my birthday.

In other super fucking shocking news Eiru joined Facebook.  Holy shit!  I thought he’s rather die than join Facebook.  We’ve traded comments back and forth but that’s it.  Apparently, he still lives in my hometown.  Weirdness.

I guess that’s it.  Reluctantly Mamoru slept in the bed last night.  I think he only did so because I accidentally broke a glass container and woke him up.  I think he would have preferred to stay asleep on the sofa.

Happy Birthday Eve to me.  I’m not looking forward to being 38.  Shit.


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