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About my birthday…

It started out very very lonely and ended very very full.  Let me explain.  Where last we left off, Friend of the Year Demande had abandoned me on my birthday.  When I first asked him if he was free, he said completely free that whole day.  Then later he said he only had a couple hours free and even later than that he said he (basically as I’m paraphrasing here) fuck you Usagi, I have no time for you at all.  Why do I even bother with this guy?  How many chances have I given him to be a decent human being?  He manages to fail very time resorting to always being a giant bag of dicks.  What an epic waste of life (as Shingo would say).  Man I miss that guy.  So I deleted Demande’s messages from Line for what the 5th time?  Hopefully, it’s the last time.  After I cried about being abandoned on my fucking birthday (hooray for great people like Demande #sarcasm).  I took a proper shower, washed the tears off my face, got fashionably dressed, put on makeup, and went out alone.  First, I went to a breakfast restaurant and had breakfast for lunch alone.  Then I walked around fought a Raid Boss and managed to catch Raikou.  (Thanks for the birthday gift Pokémon Go.)


After that I sat at Marui for almost 2 hours charging my phone.  It was boring AF.  I just poked around on SNS and spun the nearby Pokéstop a few times.  I managed to contact Mamoru and he said he’d have dinner with me, so we had an nice dinner together.  After that, I went to go see Mimi’s show.  The space was super tiny, but I recognized some familiar people and right away one of Mimi’s band members bought me a drink for my birthday.  It was so nice.  In fact, I didn’t pay for any drinks the rest of the night.  Before Mimi was about to perform, this guy with dreds pilled into a cap (like the one Chronixx wears) standing next to me asked me (in Japanese) if I was drinking and I was like, “Duh, dude it’s my birthday”.  He was so excited to hear this, he bought me a drink (and even more excited to find I was drinking reggae punch).  He then asked me if I spoke Japanese and I gave my standard response 少し which means to any Japanese person “I totally speak Japanese fluently in your dialect!  Please speak to me super fast!”  (Note: It doesn’t actually mean that it means “a little” but if you say one sentence in Japanese which I did you generally get a response like his as he rolled his eyes and said “You totally speak Japanese!”)  Mimi was amazing.  (She always is).  This chick has the best stage presence I’ve ever seen from a chick singer in Japan.  Sorry Yuichiro’s band, you know I love you guys but Mimi kills it harder than your singer does every time.  Before Mimi’s performance, Dred Guy bought us all shots and after that white wine all around.  During the performance he and I danced and cheered (very American style).  He was so nice and cool.  I’m surprised I’ve never met him before as he seemed to know Mimi and the band (also he DJs at some of her events which I think I missed that night or hadn’t been paying attention as there were like 3 DJs).  After the night was over Mimi and her boyfriend walked with me to bicycle parking and genuine silliness ensued as per usual plus mad declarations of love.  I rode home with a music infused high.  I was so happy.  Self-made birthday happiness.

Yesterday, Mamoru and I went to a nearby theme park (the name of which will remain anonymous lest it give away my location).  I had never been to this particular theme park before, so I was excited to go.  I had so much fun!  I think it’s hard to be miserable at such a fun place despite the fights we’ve had recently.  Mamoru enjoyed himself too.  My voice is a little hoarse today from screaming during roller coasters which is great (but not really) because I have to work today after slacking off all week.  It’s good though because I defo need the money.  It’s raining now and I hope it lets up so I don’t have to take to dumb train.

I think that’s all.  My birthday started out pretty poopy but ended up being super fun.  I hope you all have a nice weekend.


8 thoughts on “About my birthday…

  1. Happy (belated) birthday. I’m glad things ended up working out after a lonely start.
    I definitely think you should stop bothering with Demande. He’s taken advantage of your nice nature too many times!


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