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On the weekend…

Oh what a weekend.  Where do I even begin?  As per usual it was good and bad.

On Friday I had to work (freelance) since I took the week off for my birthday, so Friday was uneventful.

On Saturday, Mamoru and I drove to a nearby town.  We went to look at some temples and nature and shit.  First, we hiked up a mountain.  I don’t like hiking, but I did my best.  At the top of the mountain it was lovely and romantic, and he presented me with a ring.  It was sort of a surprise.  See we had a diamond of his mom’s put into a new setting that I picked out, so I knew it was coming but Mamoru had told me it wasn’t ready yet.  It was a surprise that he gave it to me there.  So sweet and uncharacteristically romantic.  It was a nice morning.  Then we hiked to a nearby temple more than 1500m away up and down a mountain.  I was annoyed by this and eventually started to slow way the fuck down because I was in considerable pain.  When we got to the other temple, we decided to eat something before walking up there since we were a little tired.  (He was; I was almost dead.)  At lunch, we talked about the ring and he said “Well it’s not really yours.  You can just borrow it.”  What the actual fuck is that?  Why did I pick out the setting?  This argument lasted after lunch.  It lasted more than an hour during the ride to the garden and continued even after we arrived at the garden.  I get it.  His mom has passed.  He wants to hold on to every piece of her he can.  Then why even give it to me (in addition to other jewelry of hers he’d given me in the past)?  He said it was because he can’t refuse me.  What?  So now I’m a jewelry thief?!?!  What’s more is that he gave my mom one of his mother’s necklaces.  Actually gave it to her.  Not just to borrow.  So basically my mom was important enough to own a piece of his mother’s jewelry but I’m not.  I told him that all this made me feel really horrible.  I gave him back the ring.  He said he’d buy me a new ring, and I told him it wasn’t about the jewelry.  It was about the sentiment.  I don’t know if he ever really understood how shitty all this made me feel.  We went to the garden and walked around.  Before dinner he gave me back the ring and said it was mine unless I “betray” (his word) him.   Okay but what a weird thing to say.  Basically, Saturday was an emotional fucking unfun roller coaster.  I don’t understand why Mamoru acts this way sometimes.

On Sunday, Rei and I went to see Yuichiro and Mimi play in their respective bands in a nearby city.  Before that we had lunch, vented frustrations, laughed a lot, and drank some chu-his on the train. By the time we got to the city (an hour away) we we buzzing pretty good (and laughing at a lot of things).  When we got to the venue, there was a problem.  We weren’t on the list (because Yuichiro hadn’t arrived yet which we found out later).  The guy at the door was like whatevs and let us in super cheap.  (I’m not sure which rate we paid but it was much cheaper than even the advance tickets.) We continued to drink, said hellos to Yuichiro and his band and Mimi and her band.  Big hugs all around.  Literally everything that happened was the best and/or funniest thing that had happened all night.  Rei and I couldn’t stop laughing.  (I’m sure plenty of that was due to alcohol, but we are also just super fucking fun people.)  We also made sure to extend a lot of hate toward Rei’s lame boyfriend that Yuichiro happily joined in on.  At the end of the night, we decided to see if we could hunt down my Dreadlock Birthday Friend (DBF) at his work, but he wasn’t there.  I went home super high on beautiful friendship and awesome music and buzzing from the alcohol.  It was so much fun.  When I got home, Mamoru commented that I had spent “10 hours with Rei.”  It was a weird thing to say as I texted him throughout the night so he knew exactly what was going on.  I hadn’t spent a proper night with Rei since before I left for America so we were long overdue.

On Monday (a national holiday), Mamoru and I spent the day at a theme park, but it was super crowded (not to mention hot as fuck), so we only got to ride one ride.  It wasn’t as fun as it should have been.  After that, I met Kunzite, Kotono, and Rei for my birthday dinner.  This dinner was mediocre at best.  The food was just okay.  But I received some lovely presents the best being from Rei who’s known me the least amount of time but easily knows me the best:


After dinner we went to a pub and had one drink each (well Kunzite had two) and played “Never Have I Ever”.  We found Kunzite to be the most adventurous of our group (no surprise there really) followed by me, Rei and ending with Kotono (again no surprise).  Something that really put a sour face on me was Kotono at dinner.  Last week I had invited her to a reggae festival this Saturday.  She said she didn’t know what her plans were and would have to get back to me.  Okay, I mean you don’t know what your plans are for next week.  Weird but fine.  I told her (paraphrasing here) that if she was pulling some Japanese bullshit like the inability to say no directly and just beating around the bush, she should just come out and say she doesn’t want to go to this kind of stuff and I won’t invite her.  She assured me this wasn’t the case.  At dinner, I asked her if she had figured out her schedule for Saturday and she said, “I have a…something.”  Um okay.  If that wasn’t the most Japanese way to refuse an invitation I don’t know what is.  Weird.  What secret something is she doing?  Can she just tell me?  No because I suspect there is nothing and she just can’t say no.  Weird.  So I had a sour face for a short time.  We said our goodbyes to Kunzite because he lived nearby and before we left the area (one in the same where DBF worked) we decided to try again.  I tried to get rid of Kotono but she wouldn’t budge so I reluctantly let her tag along.  I thought she wouldn’t be interested in the place, but it turns out she actually wanted to eat there.  DBF wasn’t there again, so I texted him and was like “dude what’s your schedule?”.  He said he didn’t know and he was working at another job at the time.  Like is this 3 jobs or what?  The funniest thing was one of the shop staff poked his head out and was like 「昨日?」 like “Weren’t you chicks here yesterday?”.  Full of embarrassment and giggles we ran off like schoolgirls.  On the train ride Kotono and I talked about going to yoga on Friday and before I got off, I said “See you on Friday!”  She started to say, “No, I…” maybe thinking I was referring to Saturday, but I cut her off and said “Yeah, you said you were going to yoga.”  She finally realized what was happening and said she’d see me on Friday.  Also, Kotono said she was too sick to drink at dinner but drank at the pub.  Weird behavior from Kotono that night.

Anyway, so the weekend was weird and wonderful.  I guess they can’t always be 100% wonderful.  I hope you enjoy your week!


2 thoughts on “On the weekend…

  1. I’m glad your weekend had so many wonderful parts.

    Your husband’s behaviour is seriously weird. The ring is yours unless you “betray” him? Was something lost in translation or did he actually mean that? It sounds like something a melodramatic teen would say.


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