I think people have a gravity to them.  It’s an unusual phenomenon, and some people pull stronger than others.

I think I have a fairly strong pull.  After all I pulled Kunzite into my orbit and together we pulled Kotono in.  Rei very much got sucked in by my gravitational pull as did Shingo.  These people gravitated to me because they wanted to be around me.  I think after some time I was able to pull Demande into my orbit because I was so very un-Japanese and that made me interesting.  I pulled Mimi in.  She adores me.  Therefore I think my pull is pretty strong.  I love my beautiful moons.

Yuichiro was different I think.  While I think he may have been initially intrigued by me the way many Japanese people are, it wasn’t too long until his gravity (much stronger than mine) devoured my whole planet and everything that orbited me too.
Let’s look at this planetary metaphor more closely.  Some of us are stars, glowing brightly, orbiting the center of a galaxy.  Stars don’t have a strong gravitational pull.  Some of us are planets, glowing even brighter and orbiting a sun while moons orbit them.  Planets have a stronger gravitational pull.  Some stronger than others.  Large planets like Jupiter or Saturn have many moons orbiting them.  Some very rare people are suns.  Everything orbits these suns, whole systems even, and they have a really strong gravitational pull shining brighter than most things in the galaxy.  Even rarer are black holes.  Whole galaxies and therefore everything in them orbit some supermassive black holes.  They are the most intriguing and mysterious things in the universe.  I liken myself and most other people to planets.  In that we’re able to draw people to us.  Some people are moons who simply go through life gravitating toward others, but mostly people are like plants.  However, I think Yuichiro is a sun but not like our sun.  He’s a sun, a much much bigger sun (bigger than our own sun), a sun that will one day collapse and cause a black hole, an object with an even stronger gravitational pull than before.  Perhaps I think this because I know Yuichiro will be famous someday or perhaps I think this because his gravitational pull dwarfed my puny planetary pull and pulled me and everyone I was pulling with me (all my moons) to him.  Either way he pulls much stronger than I do and that’s something.

These are my thoughts late at night with tears in my eyes and Mamoru sleeping on the sofa.  These are my thoughts as I listen to Small Lady snore peacefully and the soft white noise of the night.  These are my thoughts as I think of my moons who I love so dearly all the while longing to be closer to the sun.  Perhaps it’s time for bed.

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