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Friday and Saturday…

It’s currently typhooning outside.  It’s been doing this all day.  If you’re new here, a typhoon in Japan just means a lot of steady rain all day.  Basically it’s just here to annoy the fuck out of everyone.

Yesterday, I bucked up and visited the lady parts doctor in Japan.  It was actually one of the most painless doctor visits I’ve ever experienced in Japan.  The nurses didn’t speak English (nor did the receptionists) but that’s to be expected.  The doctor did though, so that was a relief.  First, I had to give a urine sample so thank goodness I drank a coffee before.  This is the same as America.  Then I had a consultation with a nurse.  She checked the form I filled out and made sure the information I wrote on there was correct.  This is the same in America, but here it was done in Japanese.  Fortunately, she spoke slowly and had the form I filled in right in front of her so it was easy to follow what she was talking about.  Next, I met with the doctor.  She explained what was going to happen.  Then I went to the exam room and had to strip from the waist down.  Next, there was a chair with the familiar stirrups and a curtain at the edge of the chair.  I’m then mechanically raised up, and I can’t see what’s happening behind the curtain because apparently in Japan a doctor can either look at your vagina or your face but not both at the same time.  She poked her head around the curtain a couple times to speak to me.  She put a tablet up in there which I’m assuming is basically the same as like Monistat, so I was right absolutely, yeast infection.  Then I got a prescription for the external cream.  I have to follow up in a week.  Not the worst doctor’s appointment ever.  Also, this clinic focuses on infertility too so that’s something to think about if Mamoru and I ever get our shit together.  Sadly, there was a woman crying in the waiting room.  I felt so bad for her.

Afterward, I had a latte from Starbucks and wandered around doing a little shopping.  Then, I had to hurry home and shower and get ready for my freelance meeting.  After that I met Rei and we had dinner at an Indian food place and then went to karaoke.  It had been a long time since karaoke and when we got there the owner/bartender gave me a big hug and said さしぶり! (Long time no see!)  Is it good or bad when a bartender does that?  Karaoke itself was a bust.  It was full of uninteresting people, so Rei and I spent a good chunk of time downstairs talking to the bartender.  I asked if he had a gf and he said yes.  I asked if she was Japanese.  Yes again.  I told him I recommended 外人 girls as we were more interesting.  A guy at the bar with dreadlocks kept buying shots for me.  Tequila, I shudder as I type.  At the second shot I almost vomited it back up, I shudder as I type.  He tried to push a third one to me but I pushed it back to the other bartender.  I would have actually vomited had I done one more tequila shot.  Not to mention Rei and I were asking the bartenders to make our drinks strong.  No extra charge.  Awesome.  On our 3rd drink we booked it out of there before paying for the karaoke event.  It was early still and not raining so we decided to walk.  While drunk and walking I told her the story of how my old coworker and I played a game of hugging random people (in my previous city).  We kept count as to who could get more hugs.  Since I was drunk I had forgotten we had made a game out of it, and I suggested to Rei we should try it in this heavily populated area.  She was down and away we went.  Basically take a walk and put your arms out like you’re gonna hug the person you’re walking toward.  Last night the reactions were varied yet awesome.  To my delight most people were happy to receive a hug from a stranger.  Some people talked to us for a minute.  Some people got scared but gave us a hug anyway.  Some people got scared and darted quickly out of the way of the hug.  Very few people flat out ignored us.  It was so fantastically fun.  I grin thinking about all those people who have a story to tell their friends about being hugged by a random 外人 on Friday night.

Today like I said before it’s been raining steadily all day.  In the morning Mamoru and I had to wait around for some deliveries and then take Small Lady to the vet for a butt cleaning, ear cleaning and nail trim.  Then we had to wait around for my external vag cream prescription to be filled.  Then we went back to where I was last night got my stuff out of a locker and after that ate at a 串かつ buffet.  Now he’s studying for a work exam, and I’m being lazy and hiding under the covers writing this blog and trading Mitch Hedberg jokes back and forth on Facebook with Eiru.  I’m so glad he’s on Facebook like so fucking glad.  It reminds me of the old Myspace days and trading quotes and videos back and forth over there.  A nice not too crazy Saturday.  Now I’m gonna watch some TV and be even lazier.  Have a lovely weekend!

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