Gone dark…

I met with Gurio yesterday for a freelance meeting.  He apologized for blowing me off last time and then no more was spoken about that.  We focused on work and didn’t chit chat or catch up at all.  It was oddly sterile and professional.  I guess we’re no longer friends, and we are only coworkers.

In other news Kotono has gone dark.  Basically she sent a message to the group chat saying she’d be taking some weekend classes (which I think is a lie), so she couldn’t hang out with us (ever?) and she’d maybe see us at yoga.  Then…then…she left the group chat!  What the fuck?!?!?  I immediately messaged Rei and Kunzite privately.  Kunzite had tried to message Kotono privately like I did and she didn’t respond to either of us.  Kunzite thinks she is having some personal problems unrelated to us.  He said he’s going to give her a few days and then try to contact her again.  That’s all well and good, but I’m done trying.  I feel like I’ve given her enough chances, and she clearly doesn’t want to talk to me.  I don’t know if it’s something against me or something family related or what but whatever it is, she has chosen not to tell us about it.  I’ve known Kotono for about 9 months.  That’s not a long time but we’ve shared personal stuff before.  I thought we were good friends.  Perhaps I was mistaken.

I’m really tired of people being assholes these days.

In other news, today I got a flat tire on the way to Company H.  I was one station away from my house so I put it in a bicycle parking lot and got on the train because there was no time to get it fixed before work.  After work, I got it fixed and then came home and made a hat for my Halloween costume.  I just have to go get some accessories that I saw in a nearby station shop and make the belt and then I’m done.  The hat was not part of the original plan but I thought, “Hey, I could probably make that” and well it’s looking great so far.  The hat made up for the fact that some of my friends are dicks.

I hope you’re having better days and better friendships.  Much love.

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