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I got my hair cut and I hate Japanese TV…

Mamoru is watching some Japanese TV show, and I poked my head in there to see what the fuck was going on.  I thought he was watching anime because this absolute girl child voice was screaming in a pitch that I didn’t think was possible for humans to hear.  Turns out it’s a regular TV show and the voice I was hearing was the narrator.  What kind of country thinks that grown adults should sound like children?  What kind of grown adult would want to watch that?  I guess both those are easily answered.

I can’t say enough about how much I hate Japanese TV, but I won’t waste text space with that.  Today I got my hair cut, and I look and feel fabulous.  My dead ends are gone and my hair feels lighter and more manageable.  I’ll debut it tomorrow at the Slap Yuichiro in the Face Show.  I haven’t posted any pictures on Instagram yet for that very reason.  I want people to see it live first.  After I debut it there, I can post 100 selfies.  I mean I won’t, but I could.

I don’t really have anything important to share today other than I got my hair cut and I hate Japanese TV.  Today I mulled around the touristy area and did some shopping.  H&M is having a big sale and tons of things were super cheap, so I attempted to fill the emptiness in my soul with clothes.  It worked temporarily, and at least I’ll be warm this winter (since I had to abandon my entire winter wardrobe due to weight loss which is not the worst reason in the world to get rid of clothes).  I’ve vowed not to spend any more money from my bank account this month (and only spend from the freelance money).  We’ll see how well that works out.  Unfortunately, when I was done shopping, I still felt empty despite having adorable new clothes.  I guess it’s true that things can’t take the place of genuine human affection.  I’ll be happy to see Rei tomorrow.  Even if Yuichiro ignores me, Rei always gives me tons of hugs.  Love her.

I made a new friend (sort of) whose name is coincidentally also Yuichiro (which isn’t surprising really as Yuichiro’s real name is probably akin to John in America).  For now I’ll call this new friend Yuichiro² and we’ll see if he could possibly replace the original Yuichiro.  Doubtful since Yuichiro² doesn’t speak English (though he says he wants to learn but has never said one word to me in English).

That’s all for now.  I hope I have something to share with you after tomorrow’s show that’s not pure horror.  Be well.

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