I’m currently trapped in the house and I’m so hungry.  There’s no food here.  I can’t go buy food because I’m waiting for a delivery from Amazon (which unfortunately doesn’t contain food).  All we have in this house are snacks.  What the fuck kind of house is this?  Because I didn’t have any food, I thought I’d scour the fridge for stuff.  All I found was expired food which I covertly threw away.  Mamoru is like a child or an old man.  If he doesn’t see me throw the food away, it never happened.  He got mad last time I told him I threw away expired food.  I told him he needs to eat the shit he fucking buys then.  Logic okay.

Today was such a boring day at Company H.  I sent Yuichiro an Instagram snap of our office and wrote ここ来て。もしな時間があれば。 “Come here.  If you have some time.”  He said he was too busy today.  He said he misses us all and coming in our office.  Would you believe what happened next?  He asked my schedule.  Again for the cheap seats.  He asked my schedule.  Holy hell.  Unrelated to this my coworker later said the world has become like Bizarro World.  I’m inclined to agree after what happened today.  Did I mention he’s also back to watching my Instagram stories again?  I felt like crying but this time with happiness.  It’s okay.

I just found some soup buried under some more expired food which I am now eating.  That’s all that really happened today.  Yuichiro is starting to once again resemble the person I came to adore this summer.  For the moment my world is okay.


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