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Good, bad, okay…

Bizarro World indeed.  You may remember my last post comparing our world to Bizarro World (you know the world in Superman where everything is bass ackwards).  In a shocking turn of events Mamoru has agreed to start to process to try and adopt a baby.  I told him about the blog I read.  He was inclined to agree with me about children who need homes and that it’s a better use of our money.  This is a first.  Mamoru has been anti-adoption since I first brought it up when I was diagnosed with PCOS last Christmas.  I was overjoyed, and we had a happy day buying a Christmas tree and ornaments and stocking up on food at Costco.  After we came home, I made him a mini-Thanksgiving meal.  It was a beautiful day and we ended up with a beautiful Christmas tree, my first ever in Japan (since I’ve always gone to the US until this year).

Then yesterday.  Yesterday was hell.  I was running around all day and trying to prep and cook for this Thanksgiving party (which is in less than an hour).  Then I had to do a freelance job.  After that I had to visit some import stores to find the rest of the ingredients I needed to make dinner for tomorrow.  I was supposed to go to yoga, but she canceled it due to the stomach flu.  My yoga teacher was also supposed to come to my party but she cancelled that too.  Late at night Kotono messaged me saying she had a slight fever and a sore throat.  What bullshit.  Due to her past behavior and the fact that she’s been a shit friend since after summer ended, I’m highly inclined to believe she’s lying through her ever loving teeth.  My dinner party whittled down from 6 to 4.  This is especially infuriating because I specifically asked everyone if they could do this day, and I went over in my head many times whether or not I should cancel it.  I was leaning toward canceling when everyone adamantly swore they could come.  While I believe my yoga teacher is sick since she canceled her class, I think Kotono is a liar and she is no longer my friend.  I had a mini breakdown crying on the sofa and then had a shower in which I had a full on breakdown after Mamoru commented on the curtains (we just bought at IKEA) I had just shortened earlier that day being not up to his standards.  My breakdown evolved into a fight in which Mamoru said he wanted to stay at a hotel a couple nights a week.  What?  This is news to me and fucking weird.  He said he knew it was weird but wanted to do it anyway.  I said this was akin to running away from problems and not attempting to solve them.  He said he was just trying to avoid problems which is the same fucking thing in my book.  I said regardless of his bizarre behavior he better stick to what he said and look into adoption.  Japanese people are so fucking weird about adoption.

This morning he was back to his normal loving self even though he slept on the sofa last night.  He helped me out a lot today while I was trying to prepare for my tiny dinner party, so as per usual I don’t know what the fuck is going on.  I’ve got to finish preparations for this party.  Be well.

4 thoughts on “Good, bad, okay…

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask why he’s so anti-adoption. Is it just the idea of bringing up a child that doesn’t share his genes? We haven’t discussed adoption since as far as I know we would have to get married first to even be allowed to adopt AND quite possible have to actually be Swiss… unless we went the baby from Asia route.


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