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Moving forward…

The Thanksgiving party was good.  Tons of food including tons of leftovers.  The people who came were enjoyable and we had some laughs as well as some serious talks.  It was a nice time all around.  Surprisingly Mamoru came home from work while there were still people in the house and he chatted to my friend’s Japanese fiancé for a long time (in Japanese of course).  Mamoru can be very friendly and talkative in Japanese (not so much in English).  I think I can be friendly and talkative in both (but it helps the apprehension to add alcohol to my Japanese which is probably why his friends may think I’m a little cold…no alcohol is ever involved when we meet with them).

Sometimes Mamoru can be a wonderful husband (and I’ll admit I sometimes forget that because things have been turbulent at times).  Last night he contacted several adoption agencies which have branches in our city and a city not too far from us which will be having a meeting on December 3rd.  He attempted to get us booked there.  This morning he had done all the dishes from my party before I woke up.  He’s run off to the gym and Small Lady and I are lazing around while I’m waiting for the wash to be done.  I plan on doing nothing today since I spent the last two days busting my ass and running around like crazy trying to get ready for this party.

Tomorrow I plan to go look at some autumn leaves and I hope there are enough left for decent photographs.  Online everywhere it says the season runs until early December so I still have a little time left.  I planned an itinerary which includes lots of stops at places to see beautiful leaves and dinner at my favorite vegan cafe.  I’m much looking forward to spending a peaceful day alone and hopefully without many tourists about.

In other news I have been seriously lacking on my reading this year.  At first I planned to read 30 books, and I had started the year very ambitiously.  Then I became very disinterested in what I was reading, so I kind of gave up reading.  I’m thinking now I’d like to read some books on adoption, so let me know if you have any recommendations.  A preliminary search on Amazon turned up a lot of biblical based books and that’s not my bag, so I’m off to search on good old fashioned Google.  I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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