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Ready, set, go!

We’re fully engrossed in all things adoption here in the Moon Kingdom.  Good news all around.  Yesterday Mamoru spoke to all the remaining NPOs in Japan we still needed to contact.  Our absolute first step is a meeting with the local city institution.   At that time they will interview us and hopefully we can be pre-approved to adopt.  Seems a bit like getting a bank loan doesn’t it?  After that we can continue to work with the institution and apply to adopt through a Japanese hospital system which we found has hospitals in two nearby cities.  Furthermore, we’ve applied to adopt through an online NPO that has a matching system where birth parents select adoptive parents from a pool of applications.  We’ve signed up and are in the process of completing our profiles.

What’s more is that Mamoru and I spoke about some parenting basics and we seem to be in agreement with many things.  The only battle I had to win (and I did win it) was the battle for his office (to house our future children).  I had to compromise half of my sewing room to move his desk in there and we will probably have to get him a book shelf.  I want to get rid of the one is his office, but he thinks it’s good to keep for the children for future storage.  I think it’s too big and could potentially be unsafe.  He argued that we didn’t need to think about this now but I argued that this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we need to discuss to show Japanese officials that we’ve actually thought this out and we’re not going into this blind.  Mamoru also agreed to help whenever I needed it and give me breaks whenever I ask for them since would be the one quitting my job to be a full time mom (this is basically required by almost all NPOs as well as the local institutions).  He’s also agreed to cook meat for the children (basically chicken and fish since I veto’d an excess of red meat).  I cannot cook meat like am physically unable as I never learned (nor could I even taste what I cooked), and I’d prefer not to feed my children meat at all but compromise is the name of the game here.  I’m actually really impressed and surprised by Mamoru’s gung-ho attitude toward adoption these days.  I hope he remains this way.

I confessed that I had been focusing on music and friends because I thought we would never have children so I had to pretend like I didn’t care.  He told me not to worry.  We’ll be able to adopt and it doesn’t matter that I’m not Japanese (a fear I expressed) because our circumstances are favorable.  We have the resources, space, and familial support (did I mention お父さん is 100% on board with this?) and Mamoru has a good job.  Also, after speaking with one agency Mamoru feels like our age as well as our bicultural household both work to our benefit as the lady he spoke to told him many couples wanting to adopt are closer to the cutoff age (which is 45 in Japan) and our diversity gives us many things to teach our future children.

So right now I’m still excited but also nervous about our interview.  Keep us in your thoughts!

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