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“She doesn’t even go here!”

If you know that quote is from Mean Girls then you’re properly schooled. If not, then you need to educate yourself.

Basically Rei and I decided that a whole bulk of people don’t go here lately due to their shitty behavior.

For your enjoyment refer to the following list:

Kotono: Bailed multiple times, avoided explaining her weird behavior, bailed on my Thanksgiving party a few hours before. She doesn’t even go here!

Kunzite: Bailed too many times to count, always commits to something then always backs out. He doesn’t even go here!

Yuichiro: Vanished into thin air, ignored me for weeks, said a bunch of weird shit. He doesn’t even go here!

Demande: Also disappeared (is that a fucking thing here or what?), acted like a total cockgobbler many times over. He doesn’t even go here!

Michiru: Bailed many times, refuses to come to anything I invite her to, takes 100 years to answer messages, claims not to use social media. She doesn’t even go here!

Gurio: Quit giving me freelance work suddenly and ignored my messages, later he told me it was because his wife was jealous. He doesn’t even go here!

Mamoru’s brother & wife: Suddenly decided to get married two minutes after Mamoru and I decided to get married, wife threatened to divorce him if お父さん married a Korean woman, asked to borrow money from Mamoru (more than once). They don’t even go here!

So as you can see a lot of people don’t go here anymore. Rei and I often wonder what happened. This summer was such a wonderful, beautiful, magical time but as soon as it got cold everyone turned into a bag of dicks. I joke about this but it makes me sad really. I hate losing friends, and I feel like I lost almost all the friends I made this year. This super sucks but maybe the PTB are trying to tell me something. Maybe it’s time to move on. Stop trying to be friends with the whole world and focus on family now. Who knows? (However one guy from karaoke and I chatted a bit on Friday and he said “You’re very outgoing.” I took that compliment the same way I would have taken a compliment like “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” I pride myself on being friendly and outgoing. Hopefully these are things I can teach my future children.)

This week the online NPO listed 2 babies, but their adoptions were already completed which means they were not available for adoption. I think that means maybe they went through another NPO. This morning I checked as per usual. There was nothing new. I cycled to Company H (which is where I am now bored silly again). Before writing this blog I checked the NPO. A new baby was listed, a girl. According to the profile the mother was in a violent relationship (if I translated correctly). I texted Mamoru immediately and told him to look. He’s not got back to me yet so I don’t know if he’s checked it or not. I hope he gets back to me soon so I can tell you what he said. The baby will be born next year and the timing looks good for leaving Company H. But I can’t do anything without Mamoru. Well he just went to check the website and it’s down. I hope it didn’t crash due to this baby. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to update you later. If you’re out there in the world rooting for us please root very loudly. I’ll give you news when I have it. Apparently this website doesn’t even go here.

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