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Headaches, friendaches, and babyaches…

You know how when you wear a hat that’s too tight and then end up with a headache that just won’t quit?  No?  Is that just me?  I’m currently nursing a headache caused by too tight a hat only slightly worse than the headache caused by too tight glasses.  I just hope this one doesn’t last 3 days like that one did.

Tonight Rei and I went to see a live show at a restaurant.  I didn’t know that Yuichiro was going to stroll in.  He did.  Ugh.  Not the person I wanted to see tonight, so I was a grump about it most of the night.  He decided to troll me with a video of me laughing, and I returned the favor sending a close up video of him head bobbing.  He talked to me for around (less than?) 5 minutes.  Basically, Yuichiro doesn’t go here.  He also acted weird and said he was too tired because of Company H.  Yeah, well, welcome to Japan.  Haven’t you lived here your entire life?  Everything about this country is exhausting.  Despite Yuichiro’s oddities (including disappearing when I said goodbye to the band so I couldn’t say goodbye to him) I tried to laugh and have fun with Rei, but I did whinge a lot about Yuichiro’s dumb presence killing my vibe.

These days it’s hard to cycle.  The weather has been damn cold.  Twice a year cycling is hell.  Summer and winter.  Both seasons I go slower; I get tired faster.  Japan has such awful extremes (extreme humidity coupled with heat and extreme wind coupled with cold).  It doesn’t help that Company H is in the 田舎 (countryside), and it’s colder out there without the protection of the city’s buildings.  Speaking of the countryside, Mimi is moving out to the same city as Company H.  I said I missed her and wanted to see her.  I hope I can see her soon.  No one has any shows in December (not Yuichiro’s band nor Mimi’s).  It’s like everyone is taking a winter holiday.  Shingo and I will just have to find other things to do.

(Note: For where we are adoption wise you can read this and this.)  So now we get to play my favorite baby game Hurry Up and Wait.  TTC is a constant game of Hurry Up and Wait and well so is adoption.  We’ve applied.  Either the birth mother will choose us or she won’t.  Today Mamoru got his proof of income from his company and we put it on our profile making it 98% complete.  (The remaining 2% is proof of residence from the city office and a picture of baby-to-be’s room, not sorted yet.)  I think Mamoru’s income speaks volumes more than me gushing about kids.  I hope the birth mother will consider us even though she doesn’t live in out city but one about 6 hours away from us.  Mamoru is worried about the violence she experienced.  We don’t know any specifics.  Was she beaten?  Was she raped?  He’s worried that the baby will have been hurt.  Anyway, it’s all supposition at this point and the profile says the baby was fine at her recent check up.  In the profile it says they were going to be married but he hurt her and she left him to stay with a friend (basically baby outside of marriage is a big no-no even in modern Japan).  They have a lot of debt and cannot take care of a baby.  I told Mamoru to think positively.  We don’t know if the birth mother will even consider us.  I think we’d have to be unbelievably lucky to welcome a baby into our family on the very first try as I liken adoption to TTC (meaning no one usually gets it on their first try).  However, I’ll happily take happy thoughts, good vibes and/or prayers (if that’s your thing).  Stay warm out there!

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