It was a good day…

Yesterday, I woke up to Mamoru cleaning his office.  It was a bit of a surprise because I didn’t think he’d actually tackle it until his New Year’s holiday.  After breakfast I went in there to help him.  I ended up shredding papers until the shredder overheated, and then I helped him sort receipts (where I found how much he’d actually paid for suits and that he eats at bakeries almost every day).  Anyway, I had previously offered to help clean out his office (since organization is one skill I brag about on my résumé), but he had always refused before.  Not sure why he let me help at that time.  After that he went off to the gym, and I went to meet a friend to sell him a Baby G watch that I had bought sometime last year but I hadn’t worn since I got my Fitbit.  Mamoru then came to meet me, and we had a late lunch.  I told him I had talked to a lady from the Facebook adoption group who used the same NPO website we’re using.  She suggested cleaning a portion of Mamoru’s office and snapping the picture from that angle.  It was not something we had planned to do today but Mamoru agreed.  He also agreed to contact the NPO and ask if there’s anything else we need to do and also find out about taking a foster parent class.  Once we finished lunch, we walked around the park catching Pokémon and got Starbucks.  It was just like old times.  We headed back home (stopped at the store first) and got right to work.  We started cleaning off his bookshelf, and he actually threw things away!  We even have a big bag of things to give away!  Who knew that a baby would get Mamoru to become less of a hoarder.  He’s still a hoarder but I’m super proud of the great strides he made yesterday.  When the bookshelf was almost cleaned off we talked about the logistics of arranging the tatami room with both of our stuff in it.  I thought we’d have to buy another bookshelf like mine but then I thought we could move my bookshelf into the baby’s room and move his bookshelf into the tatami room.  Well, that idea worked.  Fortunately, it was on wheels so it wasn’t too difficult.  With his bookshelf in the tatami room we were able to split it (figuratively) in half with 8 shelves for him and 8 for me.  He put his books in there and some hats and clothes and on my side are mostly books.  We took all the children’s books (I’ve bought a lot of children’s books over the years) and all the toys that were once ours but that we’d give to our children and put them in Mamoru’s old office (now half the baby’s room).  After the day’s activities had completely wiped us out, we ate something.  I gave Small Lady a bath and then with our combined efforts cut some of her nails.  When it was all said and done, this is what we ended up with:


Lots of books and toys for our future little one(s).  Mamoru emailed the NPO and then we both collapsed into bed around midnight.  Mamoru fell right asleep (like he always does) but I stayed awake, my brain so full of everything that had happened that day.  If Mamoru has some time today, his task is to order an air conditioner online so we can switch the two rooms (baby’s room and our bedroom).  Once we do that I said we should go ahead and get rid of my desk and move his desk into the tatami room.  Because we don’t know when we will be able to adopt (it could be tomorrow or years from now but I hope sooner rather than later), I think it’s best to just be as prepared as we can now.  Of course, we are not buying any furniture just yet.  I think it’s best to wait as we can just roll up to IKEA on the day we know for sure.  But we will clear a space and get everything ready because I know this will happen for us.  (I have to believe that.)

That’s it.  It was a good day and I have so much hope for the future.  I hope you’re all happy out there in Cyberland.

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