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Ugly day with a little bit of good…

I’m sitting here at Company H. It’s the first quiet moment since I got here and I’m trying not to die. It’s only 3:45PM, and I’ve already had one hell of a bad day.

This morning I had a freelance meeting. I kicked Shingo out and went to the meeting. Everything was fine but then I realized I had forgotten my hat. Cycling home yesterday without it was pure pain, so I thought I’d go home and grab it. I got the hat and checked Small Lady’s area for poo, and everything was fine until I leaned back to turn around to leave. Not judging where I was correctly I whacked my head on the corner of the top shoe cabinet in the 玄関 and since it hurt like hell I crumpled to the floor in pain. I cried it out for a few minutes but thought I should probably still go to Company H.

I took the same route as always and the ride there was pretty uneventful. However, at a stoplight I noticed a new Pokémon nearby. I took a detour to catch it and thought I would correct it by just heading in what I thought was the direction of Company H. It wasn’t, and I veered too far off course. To make up for it, I had to cycle like the devil. But hey on the way I rode by a man selling spaghetti squash (which is really difficult to find here), so I guess it wasn’t all bad. If I hadn’t got off course I would have never ridden by this guy.

I was 5 minutes late for work, and when my supervisor saw me, she asked if I was okay and I immediately said no and started crying. She covered my meeting at noon, and I attempted to recover from all the bad that morning.

It’s been a little busy here but I’ve managed to stay in one spot most of the day. About an hour ago I developed a stomachache (two in two days isn’t good), so I took some medicine. My head is throbbing, my stomach hurts and I feel a general weirdness due to all the ugly stuff that’s happened today. Too much stress these days.

However, more good news (that I originally thought was bad news) came today when I found out our offices will be closed during February and March (which means I have no work but also no paycheck). I first thought “fuck that sucks” as in no money is pretty bad, but then I thought that’s two months to focus on adoption and if we’re able to adopt within that time that would be the perfect time to quit as I wouldn’t be a burden on anyone else (as in people who’d have to take on my workload if I wasn’t there). I think this is tremendously good news and maybe it’s a sign. Maybe it’s a sign that things will work out for us adoption wise. I have to have hope. I have to.

That’s it. I have to survive this week. After that is smooth sailing. Now I’m thinking I just want to go home and lie in bed.

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