Feng Shui…

On Saturday night while eating curry Mamoru and I decided to switch the rooms before the AC guy comes.  On Sunday morning during breakfast, he showed me “Feng Shui” and asked me if I knew what it meant.  I studied a little bit about it, and I always try to incorporate elements of Feng Shui into my house.  I think our chi has been rather restricted in this house.  I decorated and arranged almost every room in our house.  I weekly clean the clutter out of the tatami room (and other rooms where clutter builds), but there’s one room in the house that I have no control over…Mamoru’s office.  That room is grossly cluttered with papers and other assorted items that he’s either forgotten he had and never uses or bought a long time ago and never uses.  After breakfast yesterday, we got to work.  Everything easily mobile came out of the old bedroom except the bed.  We moved his desk in there (for the time being) and cleared a space for the bed in his old office room.  We thought we might have to take the bed apart to move it but in actuality we were able to move it without doing so.  Then we moved everything into its new home.  The dresser wouldn’t fit in our new bedroom.  Small Lady just fit, but we decided to buy her a new house with a sliding door instead of a swinging one.  We then discussed logistics of clothes storage.  We decided to buy a second dresser and get rid of Mamoru’s old plastic storage drawers.  The second dresser will be the same style as our current dresser and I plan to put them side by side in the baby’s room.  We decided that the baby bed will go in our bedroom at first.  I’m already designing the baby’s room in my head.  I’m excited, but of course we still need the baby.

Once situated in the new bedroom, I decided that I like it a lot better.  I bought new blue (a wonderfully calming color) curtains.  The bed is not pointed toward the door anymore (something that couldn’t be avoided in the old bedroom due to the layout of the room).  In the new bedroom chi seems to flow a little better and it just feels better in here.  Perhaps something was always off in the arrangement of our house which is why things were always off for Mamoru and me.  The new bedroom is also quieter and because of the new placement of the bed now we can open the curtains (which we couldn’t do in the other bedroom).  Free flowing light is a positive in Feng Shui.  All of these feelings help put me at ease.

Mamoru is making great strides cleaning out his junk.  He’s throwing (and donating) so much stuff.  I told him yesterday I was super proud of him.  Small Lady is mega stressed out.  I’m certain she has no idea what’s happening.  With Shingo here (and soon to be Naru here too) and all the moving, she’s way freaked.  Yesterday when we went to lunch and put her in her house, she whined.  She never whines.  I’m certain she will adjust when everything is in it’s proper place.  Right now things are still in disarray and she keeps trying to go in the old room.  I had a talk with her yesterday about being a big girl and adjusting to things because she’s gonna have to keep adjusting the more things change.  She’s so stubborn, but I love her to pieces.

I’ve gotta wrap this up as the AC guy is coming to install our new AC unit.  I have to make a space for him to work.  Things are slowly settling.  I hope to return to normalcy soon and most definitely after the holidays.  I’m looking forward to the day everything finally settles.  I hope you had a good weekend.  Here’s to a good week!



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