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Too too much…

You may remember my last post just a few short hours ago.  If you haven’t read that beauty head over and read that shit storm.

The PTB decided to kick me in the proverbial nuts right at the moment I was leaving Company H for the day.

Two things are important for this story:
1.  I’m learning to play the pianica.
2. Since losing a fuck ton of weight my wedding ring doesn’t fit and easily falls off my finger, so I often take it off for fear of losing it.

There’s a lot of down time at the other Company H office where I’ve been this week, so my coworker has been teaching me how to read music, so I can play the pianica.  At the start of the day I took my wedding ring off and put it on my desk, so I could better play the pianica.  There it stayed all day.  I saw it many times throughout the day.  It didn’t wander off until it was time to leave.  As I was packing up my stuff, I noticed the ring was nowhere to be found.  Full on panic flew over me immediately as I ran out the the big trash where I had just taken out the small trash next to my desk.  I dumped the contents all over the floor.  The ring was not in the trash.  It was not in my desk.  It was not on my desk.  It was not under my desk.  (This sounds like a Dr. Seuss book.)  It was literally nowhere.  I emptied the contents of my shoulder bag and my tote bag all over the floor.  I started crying.  Luckily my coworker stayed back to help me look for it otherwise I might just have lied on the floor sobbing.  After I had combed through everything at least three times, my coworker picked up the extension outlet on my desk and there the ring was sitting under there all smug like.  I put it back on and shoved my coworker out the door feeling bad he had already missed the one not so frequent train from Company H back into the city.

While cycling past the main office of Company H, I ran into Yuichiro on his way to the station.  He surprisingly stayed and chatted with me for about ten minutes.  I suppose if I had left the other office at my normal time I wouldn’t have run into Yuichiro, so temporarily losing my ring  wasn’t the worst thing that could happen because I wouldn’t have seen him at all until next year.  Before he left we hugged and wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  He promised to come talk to me more in January.  (Hmm…heard that before.)

When I got home, I had to quickly run in the house and back out to take the last two things to the station (not counting tomorrow’s transfer of unwanted things).  Once that was done, I had to give Small Lady a bath.  Sweep up the mess from yesterday’s Styrofoam disaster from unboxing Small Lady’s new house.  I’m finally sitting down and trying not to think about the literal everything on my mind right now.  I’ve also manged to feed myself, so here’s to small victories.

Now if the PTB can just cut me a break, that’d be great.  Thanks.

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