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Endings and new beginnings…

The end of the year is near.  Tonight Mamoru, Shingo, Naru and I played Monopoly.  Last night it was Scattergories.  The best part of having people in your house is always having people to play board games with.  Last night it was lots of laughs.  Tonight it was anger, frustration, fear, bargaining but ended with no one flipping over the board at least.

Amid all this a girl who was listed earlier this month on the online NPO became available for adoption.  I say girl because she is 3.  Suddenly her birth mother (a single mother) can no longer take care of her.  This is heartbreaking.  I think by 3 years old she will be able to understand she is being ripped from her family but may not fully understand why, and this situation will probably be very traumatic for her.  It breaks my heart to think of this that this girl will have to experience something like this at such a young age.  Anyway, after speaking to Mamoru, we agreed to apply to adopt her.  However, the birth mother wants someone with fostering experience which we don’t have.  This means we probably won’t be able to adopt her, but we agreed that it doesn’t hurt to try.

In other news we got paperwork from another NPO.  Mamoru thinks this NPO will be the most effective and fastest for adopting a baby (babies only with this one) and has a branch in a nearby city.  Different from the online NPO the head of this NPO chooses the adoptive parents and not the birth parents.  He also likes the fact that this NPO doesn’t use a grading system.  He suspects adopting within 2 months after filling out the appropriate paperwork and sending it to the NPO.  However, we may lose a few days here due to the New Year’s holiday where literally everything is closed.  The paperwork needs to mailed (as in paper mailed).  It always shocks me how old school Japan is.  This is a country that loves its paperwork.

This is all the adoption news as we make our way into the new year.  I for one am so happy to say goodbye to 2017.  This years hasn’t brought me much joy, so good riddance 2017.  I welcome 2018 with open arms.  May all our dreams come true (and yours too).

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