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Year in review…

This year had a lot of shit and I could rehash all that again but since 2017 has come to a close here in Japan I’d like to reflect on some of the positive things this year brought me.  Here’s a month by month break down.

January: I changed the name of this blog and even though I like the new name I’m back to talking about babies everywhere, so it’s almost come full circle.  (Don’t worry, I won’t be changing it again.)

February: I took a job at Company H after 11 job interviews and months of searching.

March: I officially started a weight loss journey that started with losing 1 kilogram (and who knew that 22 kilos later I’d be just short of my goal weight.)

April: I started working at Company H (a job I would end up loving) and 100 people followed this blog that I started just because I needed a place to vent.

May: Started to feel body confident for the first time in over two years.

June: I met the intelligent and cool as fuck Rei.  We became instant best friends.

July: I met Shingo and I saw Yuichiro’s band play for the first time which introduced me to the music scene here that I now love so much.

August: Got a free ticket for a mega music festival and traveled to beautiful California.

September: Returned to Japan and my beautiful music.

October: Reconnected with an old old friend via Facebook and made a really bomb ass Halloween costume.

November: Mamoru agreed that adoption would be the best course of action for us, so we finally started the process.

December: This last month of the year was full of laughs and love with my chosen family Mamoru and Small Lady and with my wonderful friends: Naru, Rei, and Shingo.

Happy 2018 everyone!


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