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Mild woes…

I had to run out of the house quickly this morning, so I didn’t get to compare today’s preggo test with yesterday’s. I’ll check it when I get home. I’m always afraid that instead of getting darker the test will get lighter. It always starts out light. However, yesterday’s test showed darker than the day before, so that was a relief.

I updated the Charts tab this morning. To be honest I hadn’t updated that part of the blog because we hadn’t been actively trying and were focusing our energies on adoption. However, when I took a look at my past charts I noticed a rather satisfying trend. I noticed a lack of spotting before my period. If you’re familiar with charting, you know that spotting in the LP is due to low progesterone levels (which is what my US doctor told me I had in addition to PCOS). In March 2017, I started a low carb diet not to boost fertility but to lose weight. Turns out that the low carb diet cuts out a lot of things that are known to essentially inflame PCOS (those terribly bad for you things like refined white sugar and white flour/bread) and encourages you to eat plenty of good fats like (avocado, butter, and coconut oil) which also boosts fertility. So I’m wondering did I inadvertently cure my PCOS? I can’t be sure since I’ve not been tested since, but I did pose the question to Luna and she agreed that I’ve done a lot of things that probably regulated my cycle and boosted my fertility. Isn’t it funny how life works? Anyway, I guess the biggest sign that I may have cured my PCOS is that I’m currently 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant (but who’s counting 😉).

I do have a bit of anxiety about today’s preggo test. Luckily Company H today has been very stress free and an easy day. That’s another thing that may have turned my fertility around. My previous job (remember Nemesis) was super stressful even though I enjoyed it most days. While searching for a job in this new city wasn’t stress-free, taking a job at Company H (probably the least stressful job I’ve ever had) was probably the best thing I could do (that and finally learning to become happy in this city). Perhaps it’s not any one of these things in isolation, but the combination of them together that did the trick. Anyway, I’m still not out of the woods yet. Every day some new fear pops into my brain. Today it was about riding my bicycle to Company H. It’s not a particularly arduous ride, but it is a long ride. During the first trimester the body is working hard to build the placenta which is why women are often quite tired during that time. I decided that I’m taking the train this month basically the rest of my time at Company H before the holiday. While I’m not overjoyed about this, I know it’s best for me and this poppy seed. Also, it’s not THAT many days on the train. I’m doing the best I can for this little seed. I hope he finds the environment friendly enough to stick around in. It’s also worth noting that I’m still scared but I’m just going to try to keep telling myself that as far as I know everything is okay and I’m doing my best.

Thanks for reading and keeping us in your thoughts. I hope this part of the story has a happy ending.

Edit: For those who are interested today’s test did darken.  Hooray!


This is officially the darkest preggo test I’ve ever had in my life.  I’m celebrating this small victory at the moment.

8 thoughts on “Mild woes…

  1. Best wishes on the test darkening!! I know how it feels to watch the intensity change. Interesting about calming/curing PCOS! I was told about four years ago that I had possible PCOS but who knows? From my understanding, it’s not something that can be diagnosed with much certainly. 😛 Anyway, all the best to you both! And congratulations!! 🙂

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    1. Hmm…that makes sense. Perhaps the doctor didn’t diagnose me correctly to begin with. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Today’s test was in fact darker. 🎉


  2. I’ve read that pregnancy tests will eventually stop showing a line because the HCG gets too high for them to detect. I think around 8 weeks? Not sure of the truth of that, but at some point you should probably stop testing .

    I spot before my period, sometimes all the way through my luteal phase and my progesterone levels are perfectly fine. I also continue to have high temperatures and progesterone symptoms (sore boobs) while spotting, so even in the cycles that I didn’t have a blood test I’m fairly sure my progesterone wasn’t low. So spotting is not always a sign of low progesterone. Before doing the tests my doctor assumed that was what my problem was and that it would be an easy fix of prescribing progesterone, but nope. I assume in your case it was tested and definitely was the reason though.

    I’m not sure whether you’ve “cured” your PCOS but I am curious about your conviction that being pregnant is evidence that you know longer have PCOS? I always thought PCOS made things difficult but is treatable. There’s someone in my TTC group who has PCOS and has only ovulated spontaneously once in six months but she is still trying and has never said anything about PCOS meaning pregnancy is impossible (difficult yes, but not impossible). And I have read/heard of others with PCOS having pregnancies and healthy babies. Which makes me wonder why your doctors told you you could NEVER get pregnant with PCOS? Please don’t take this as criticism – it just amazes me how divided doctors are when it comes to infertility!


    1. Yeah I’ll eventually stop testing but right now I’m enjoying seeing the lines get darker (which it did today thankfully). Also, I’m about to run out of First Respones. My doctor in America told me that I did in fact have low progesterone when I was tested in December 2016. After my first miscarriage the doctor mentioned a ring of cysts around my ovaries. The December 2016 ultrasound tech confirmed that with a follow up diagnosis of PCOS made by the doctor. My American doctor didn’t exactly use the word “never”. What she said was my best chance of getting pregnant due to my advanced maternal age 🙄 was to skip everything else and go immediately to IVF if I wanted to get preggo (big business I assume). In hindsight I probably should have gotten a second opinion but I didn’t have much time in America left at that point. Also IVF is an even bigger business in Japan, so I doubt I would have heard much different here and at that time I was considered obese by BMI standards and probably would have been told by these skinny Japanese doctors that that was causing my infertility. Maybe I didn’t cure my PCOS. Maybe I only got it to calm down enough. Or perhaps maybe the doctor was wrong. Who knows? I don’t take your comments as criticism at all. I appreciate you commenting at all. It’s proof you actually read what I wrote (no surprise there as I know you’re an avid reader). I think a lot of people “like” something and then call it a day.


      1. Thank you for the explanation. I find the different systems very interesting. I can imagine IVF being big business… that stuff is costly. Years ago when my boyfriend was still privately insured through his dad he had a problem with his knee. They did an initial MRI, treated the issue then at the end they wanted to do a second MRI just to “make sure it was really fixed”. He refused. The doctor was obviously relying on the private insurance paying for his new machine! If he’d had state insurance they probably would never even have suggested the 2nd MRI. The person I mentioned who is being treated for PCOS (but may move on to IVF if the current course of treatment doesn’t work out) is in Canada.


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