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Thursday & Friday…

I’m lying in bed still because my back hurts and I’m trying to get the toothpaste taste out of my mouth before I eat breakfast.  I love days off (well it’s not completely a day off because I have a freelance meeting this afternoon, back to the daily grind).  I’m actually taking it easy this month.  I have a long holiday from Company H after January (which if everything goes well with this pregnancy, I’ll leave after that).  Meanwhile, during this month I have freelance meetings sparingly.  One of my clients is in America until February (lucky how that worked out) and I’ve not heard from Gurio (but I haven’t exactly contacted him either).  He’s not got a lot of money, so if he wants to start freelance meetings again later I’m not worried about it.  The less stress I have this month, the better my body can work on growing this baby.

In other news, I’m trying to think of a creative way to tell my mom, and because she doesn’t live here, it’s a little tricky.  Basically I came up with: call her on Skype, engage in a regular conversation, make up an excuse to have her check her email where I’ll have sent her an ultrasound picture seconds before.  I think this will be the most surprising plus I can see her reaction.  Hopefully, this little seed will behave and show up on the ultrasound next week.  I’m actually really looking forward to my appointment.


Last night Mamoru and I had a discussion about adopting through the local institution.  Basically we have to go through a battery of classes (I’m sure I told you this before) all in Japanese before our application will be reviewed by upstanding members of the community, then a judge, and only then will we have approval to adopt, but might not actually be able to adopt at that time.  If all goes well with this pregnancy, they won’t let us adopt for 2-3 years following the birth of our child which will put Mamoru even closer to the 45 year age limit.  I think doing this now will be a waste of time (not to mention stressful).  He disagrees because he thinks that getting this approval from the government will open doors for us with other faster institutions which would maybe let us adopt within one year of the birth of our child.  The rationale for this is that they want you to focus your energies on one child at a time which Naru thought was ridiculous citing twins as an argument for that.  Also, even though you have an older child it doesn’t mean all your energies should go toward the newer child.  I’m sure mothers learn to spread themselves equally among many things.  Whatever that’s their stupid rule.  In the end Mamoru and I decided to take the courses pending how I feel at the time.  The first course starts at my 8th week of pregnancy.  I could have morning sickness at that time.  I could feel fine.

That’s all the news now.  I’m off to laze around all day before my freelance meeting.  I hope you’re having good days.

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