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An improvement…

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog post. Your comments and suggestions have been unbelievably supportive and helpful not to mention kind. Thank you to the professional pregnancy babes and awesome mamas as well as those of you still fighting the beast that is infertility. You’re all keeping me afloat. I really appreciate all of you out there in Cyberland.

Today I have been “blessed” with an abundance of gas of the burping variety (as opposed to the farting variety). I’m certain that this is a pregnancy symptom and one I’m not fond of (like the abundance of farting). It just feels like so much pressure but no matter how much I burp there’s no relief. It’s great. 🙄 Add that to the list of other symptoms bugging me at the moment. All signs I’m still pregnant and everything is fine. Other signs things are normal is that my heart rate has gone back up (to pregnancy normal) and this morning my temp was high. Cervix is how it’s supposed to be. All good signs. What’s more is that I’ve been yawning all day. I’m so tired and could really use a nap. Unfortunately, I agreed to stay at Company H an hour later than usual because my coworker has to leave early today. Speaking of Company H, today has been so boring. There haven’t been many people in here at all which is really making the day drag ass.

As far as my mood, today I’m doing okay. Even though it’s boring here, I’m too busy yawning and burping to be anxious. Plus my appointment is in about 18 hours. (But who’s counting right?) Just one more sleep until hopefully this little seed makes his grand debut (on the ultrasound). Fingers crossed. Good vibes accepted any time. Thank you my wonderful people.

5 thoughts on “An improvement…

  1. Omg the gas! I had sooooo much gas in thr first trimester. The farting variety. It was quite hilarious in my house as far as all were concerned. Lmao. Sending good vibes Pink. 🙂


  2. Whoever thought we’d be pleased with gas?! Lol but great that it’s all going well and giving you the reassurance you need.
    will be thinking of you tomorrow (Friday) and waiting to hear the great news.

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