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On spotting and illness…

Day 2 of self-imposed bed confinement.  I think the worst thing is that I can’t go out and play Pokémon.  I jest.  Or do I?  Spotting down to a couple clots today and very faint brown blood which I’m assuming is good since I don’t know anything different for the time being.  I think this doctor was a bit overzealous on her ultrasound poking about.  The good thing is that I don’t have to see her again.  I’ll see a different doctor on Wednesday and then I can decide between her and the Tuesday doctor who I like the best so far.

The cough has been particularly horrible today and I don’t have much of an appetite.  I choked down a smoothie and two pieces of egg bread for breakfast because even though I didn’t want to, I have to eat something.  Mamoru went to the store and bought me a bunch of fruit.  I sent him for cough drops and a cold medicine okay for preggos (which he couldn’t find), so I’m suffering through this on Tylenol and cough drops.  Earlier I coughed so much that I threw up a little bit of breakfast.  I just choked down some crackers and a banana.  I wanted to eat neither of those things.  Now I’m drinking ginger ale and trying not to die.

The good news is my heart rate is up and higher than it’s ever been which is good and a sign everything is still okay in there (and I hope an indication of heartbeat).  I wanted to temp this morning but I slept horribly last night due to this cold, so no temp for me this morning.

That’s all for me.  Back to the TV.

4 thoughts on “On spotting and illness…

  1. Yes, brown blood is good. Sounds like it was probably the ultrasound and is most likely cervical bleeding rather than anything else. I had spotting after the post-coital test (where they suck out some sperm from around the cervix to check that the cervical fluid isn’t killing it). Probably the pregnancy hormones are making your cervix sensitive.

    I hope the cough goes away soon. Hot drinks should help.


  2. I don’t the clots are anything to worry about. I had those around the same time in my pregnancy. They weren’t a sign of a problem.

    The signs of a problem came weeks later in the form of cramps in the lower back. If you get cramps too soon in the lower back in the pregnancy, be worried about those.


      1. Not aches, but cramps that come in painful waves. Where they come and then go, and steadily get worse. Watch for those.

        Just a few aches and pains are probably the ligaments shifting to make room for the baby.


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