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Bad news and good news…

Hello!  I have the fucking flu!  Kill me!  I mean not really, but that explains why I’ve felt like I was dying for the past 2 days.  Seriously, I cannot ever remember being this sick in my life.  Mamoru was up multiple times during the night trying to take care of me but nothing we tried worked.  And since I can’t take any hard drugs I really thought this sickness was gonna kill me.  Turns out your immune system is weakened during pregnancy (add that to this list of things I didn’t know), so your body doesn’t try to kill the baby.  Unfortunately, this makes preggos extra susceptible to illness.  Great.  Like I’m not busy trying to grow a human here.  I really don’t need to be sick right now.  Fortunately, Mamoru took the morning off to take me to the hospital near our house.  Since it was a ladies clinic, they could check to see if I had the flu and give me some safe medication which won’t hurt the baby.  After waiting for two hours (since I didn’t have an appointment), it turns out I have Influenza B which I probably wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  The doctor prescribed me Tamiflu which I’m taking despite my anti-vaxxer sister’s post on my Facebook.  I didn’t even read it, but her expert opinion is that I shouldn’t take it.  Sorry not sorry.  It’s literally the only thing keeping me from coughing out a lung right now (something I swore was going to happen last night).  What super sucks about this whole flu business is that I have zero appetite.  I’ve eaten a banana, some crackers and I drank a smoothie and some ginger ale.  Other than that nothing and it’s almost dinner.  I just can’t choke anything down.  I’m gonna try to make another smoothie in a little bit.  I know I need the nutrients, but I can’t eat.

While at the doctor I procured a note allowing me to skip work.  Something I desperately need to do because I need to stay home and rest.  I mailed Company H at 12:30PM and I’ve not heard anything back.  I just mailed again, so hopefully, I’ll hear something soon.  In addition to the get out of work free card, I had the doctor do an ultrasound because of the spotting.  Our little buddy was not shy today and showed up loud and proud on the ultrasound.  For some reason he’s measuring three days larger than he actually is.  I’m 6w1d and this says 6w4d.  I’m not sure if that’s just my giant 外人 baby in there or what.  Because of this, this hospital put my due date 3 days earlier.  Fine with me.  I’ll be handing him an eviction notice around that time.  You should have seen Mamoru’s face.  He said seeing this ultrasound live was so moving.  They didn’t register a heartbeat yet but hopefully it’ll show up on Wednesday.  This doctor said that everything looked good, the spotting I had was from old blood dislodged from around the yolk sac.  She saw a little shining which she thought could be a heartbeat but couldn’t confirm it.

Scan 2

I think this clinic has a better ultrasound machine than the other one.  No wonder it’s taking so long over there.  Regardless Mamoru wants me to keep my appointment on Wednesday, so I’m going as planned.  More money for them I guess.

That’s all I guess.  Our little bud is fine, but I am in bed with the flu until further notice.



7 thoughts on “Bad news and good news…

  1. Aaah, I’m sorry to hear you have the flu. Ignore your sister and take that Tamiflu! You need to be nice and healthy while you grow that baby. And I agree that you should still keep Wednesday’s appointment. More reassurance will only help with your piece of mind.

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    1. She’s an anti-vaxxer. We don’t even see things the same way at all. It’s funny perhaps the flu was the best thing to happen to me because I’m too exhausted and sick to worry any more.


  2. Omg, I’m sorry to hear you have the flu. It’s so beautiful that your husband was moved by the ultrasound. That sucks hard about influenza B. I hope you and your child are okay.

    I’m thinking of you both and wishing the best.

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