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7 weeks 2 days…

Yesterday, I lamented to Luna that I didn’t have morning sickness, so I was a bit concerned about that.  She said it often manifests as food aversions and a general lack of appetite more so than running to the bathroom to vomit.  (Well, I guess every movie ever has been lying since the beginning of pregnancy in movies.  I guess hanging over a toilet is more entertaining than “No I don’t wanna eat that.”)  I definitely have aversions and lack of appetite.  It takes forever to decide what I want to eat and the usual food isn’t appetizing right now.  I basically have to force myself to eat and if I make something one day, the next day I have no interest in it.  So that’s fun.

Today Mamoru came with me to the clinic, and we got a referral to switch from the clinic to the hospital where I want to give birth.  He said we can go there tomorrow and try to get established.  Already the clerk seems to think September will be full for giving birth.  In Japan you have to make a reservation for your delivery.  What a great system this is (insert eye roll).  I don’t know how September can be full already if women delivering that time are as far along as I am and most women switch to a hospital at 12 weeks.  Hey, like I need ANOTHER thing to worry about.  I’m wondering if I get to enjoy this pregnancy at all or if it’s just going to be one annoyance after another.

Anyway, today’s ultrasound was fine.  No new information just got to watch my little buddy’s steady heartbeat.  She measured the little bean at 0.56cm which I guess is good.


We also asked about 10 week genetic testing (blood tests).  The best part of the day was when my Japanese doctor legit said out loud in English “Japan is dumb” b(ecause testing at 10 weeks requires counseling and a slew of other bullshit).  Guys it’s just a blood test.  It doesn’t confirm genetic abnormalities just tests for the possibility of such.  She was like this is a clinic so that shit is not allowed here, but I’ll give you some information about back dooring that business.  She thought it was ridiculous because the testing is so normal and unweird in America.  However, she recommended an amnio to be 100% certain, but we can’t do that until 17 weeks (a long way off).

So yeah, hurry up and wait.  How does anyone even survive pregnancy?

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