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Enjoying pregnancy…

Today Mamoru went to the hospital where I want to give birth to get me established there.  In order to do so he took my insurance card and waited there for me for more than three hours.  I’m not kidding.  He finished the paperwork at 9:10AM and I arrived at the hospital about 12:40PM.

We talked to the doctor who seemed shocked and surprised that my pregnancy was a natural one.  Yeah you and me both lady.  I went in for an ultrasound where they measured my GIANT baby (seriously she remarked on the giganticness of the fetus).  I don’t know if she noticed that I’m not Japanese and I’ve got a MASSIVE 外人 baby in there.  She rattled off a million things in difficult Japanese and so did the nurse and after that I cried because I couldn’t understand anything.  I want to be able to understand but I’ve studied zero medical Japanese and even if I start now, I probably wouldn’t master it in nine months (or ten months as Mamoru keeps reminding me because that’s how long you’re pregnant in Japan, ten months).  The good news is that we were able to book a tentative day for delivery in this hospital, and I’m returning in two weeks to start regular appointments which begin with a shitload of blood tests.  Yay!  Well, at least I’m set up at this insanely busy hospital.  While at the hospital, Mamoru mentioned I have been coughing non-stop despite finishing the Tamiflu ages ago.  So I got yet another batch of different pills to take to hopefully stop this cough.

I’m wondering if I actually get to enjoy any part of this.  Probably not.  So far I’ve been sick for the majority of the pregnancy, so I’ve been unable to enjoy it at all.  Maybe this sounds selfish and shitty but pregnancy is not at all fun so far, you guys.  Today amid the coughing I’ve felt like a chunk of vomit has been right there in the back of my throat itching to come up but it never does.  I had to force myself to eat so I could take the cough medicine.  Everyone says “Oh just wait, you’ll enjoy it soon enough.”  Why don’t I see that happening at all?  I can’t stop coughing and seemingly simple tasks are exhausting.  I totally get why pregnancy is a young woman’s game.  Signing off.

Princess (Not Enjoying Pregnancy) Serenity

2 thoughts on “Enjoying pregnancy…

  1. Pregnancy is really hard work! Growing a human is exhausting, combine that with all the anxiety and a lower immune system it’s pretty tough! It does get better I promise! Hang in there! xx


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