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Yesterday, I went to have coffee with my yoga teacher who is leaving Japan in a few short weeks.  She gave me some yoga bricks, a yoga strap, and a food processor.  Because we met in a huge shopping area, I decided to pop into H&M to get some maternity pants.  Mostly because I feel like my belly is massive and wearing regular pants is suddenly super annoying.  Well the Mama section isn’t very big there and neither is the clearance, but I walked out of there with a nice selection of maternity clothes (lightweight as I’ll be most preggo in warmer temps).  Everything bought on clearance averaged about ¥740 each ($6.80US).  Can’t argue with those prices.  Plus I found the cutest polka dot dress (the last one there).  Unfortunately, this spurred my need to shop, so I hit up ASOS clearance and Amazon Japan.  My gawd Japanese maternity fashions (on Amazon) are boring as fuck.  You can get your clothes in gray, dark gray, navy or black.  Fuck I’m asleep already.  Why aren’t preggos allowed to wear colors here?  Trust me the stuff I bought from ASOS was colorful.  Baby blue, lime green, and bright red.  Then later I went to Wal-Mart.com and sent some stuff to my mom.  Again pink, blue, red.  Watch out Japan!  This colorful preggo is gonna dazzle you.  My mom is going to send me a care package sometime soon.  I’ve sent her a lengthy list including Cheez-Its and Girl Scout Cookies.  My god I’ve missed both.  I ordered some onesies for the big reveal (coming soon) and sent those to her which she’ll put in the box.

I guess each day that passes this becomes more and more real to me which is both equally awesome and scary.  I know as the weeks tick by the chance of MC decreases significantly which is a huge relief.

I guess that’s it.  Not much is going on around here.  I think I overdid it yesterday and I’m feeling less than spectacular today, so I cancelled my freelance for today, and I plan on resting.  Also, Mamoru went to Tokyo for work.  I asked him to stop by this baby shop we love and get some stuff for the baby.  They have the softest towels in the world.  I’m off to feed Small Lady and eat some chips.  Stay warm out there.  Winter is still being ugly.

2 thoughts on “Shopping…

  1. This was a sweet post to read. It sounds like things are humming along nicely in your pregnancy.

    Thank you so much for your comments in my latest post. I decided to password protect it because I was probably making a mountain out of a molehill. (sometimes we gotta let it out).

    Best wishes. Spring is almost here.


    1. Thank you! I can’t wait until warmer temps let me tell ya! I complain incessantly in summer but I miss it so much when it’s gone. I know spring in Japan will bring beautiful さくら but unfortunately not much warmer temperatures. I can’t remember when it gets warm here. May? Oh well. Looking forward to it.

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