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What depression looks like…

Normally my depression is pretty manageable but if you want to see me go from pretty okay to shit show throw a MC in there.

Here’s how my depression manifests in the wake of a MC:

  • Sunken eyes surrounded by dark circles
  • No smiles
  • Raging headaches
  • Lying in bed most of the day watching TV
  • Napping (something I normally don’t do)
  • Being unable to cook for myself (something I love to do)
  • Eating a lot (A LOT) of shit
    jelly beans
    potato chips (there are at least 5 kinds in the house right now)
  • Not commenting on other people’s SNS posts, not sending or replying to messages
  • Zoning out
  • Not wearing anything besides jammies (even to leave the house)
  • But rarely leaving the house
  • Which leads to failing to walk the dog (but she seems unfazed)
  • Crying (almost every time I hug Mamoru)
  • Having little interest in things I love (reading, drawing, cooking, etc.)
  • No energy

I think that’s it.  It’s still a pretty extensive list.  I can’t wait until Monday.  After that I can heal (mentally and physically) and try to pick up the pieces this MC left behind, so I can move on.

I hope your week is going better than mine.  Be well.

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