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About our first home visit…

Well, the home visit is over and done with.  I asked Mamoru at the end how he thought it went and Mamoru being Mamoru said “Maybe okay”.  She said once this home visit is complete, we are not required to do another home visit with this NPO which means the process will maybe be faster.  However, we received some bad news today.  She told us that starting in April adoption law will change to favor Japanese couples over foreign and foreign/Japanese couples.  This makes me so angry.  It’s just another example of Japan taking backwards steps instead of changing and moving forward.  If I were to renounce my American citizenship and become a Japanese citizen then it would be easier for us to adopt, but I have no intention of doing this.  It’s more beneficial to remain an American citizen.  Also, it’s a prime example of how Japan favors 100% Japanese people over every other nationality.  It’s so racist and backwards here sometimes.

Anyway, she mainly asked a lot of questions about us and about our family dynamics.  She didn’t look at the house much at all.  We did show her the baby’s room and baby furniture we bought.  She was shocked at that even though we said we had almost everything ready in a previous email to her.  She then showed us the adoption contract and explained all the fine print (like would you be willing to adopt a baby with a disability, etc.).  We agreed to all the terms (of course) and then signed.  The whole visit took about an hour.

Now we get to play everyone’s favorite baby game Hurry Up and Wait.  I was such a ball of nerves during the home visit.  I was shaking when I took my first sip of tea.  I hope she didn’t notice.  I’ve since calmed down a little, but I’ll be checking my phone all day for news from Mamoru about how it went.  I don’t know how I can relax today.  I’m gonna try, and I’m also planning on eating a bowl of low carb cookie dough to help me through it.  Whatever the news is (though I hope it’s good news), I’ll be happy to hear it.

Think good thoughts for us!

7 thoughts on “About our first home visit…

  1. I don’t know how adoption works in Switzerland but I have been told some landlords here will choose Swiss people over foreigners when renting out an apartment!

    I hope you get good news soon.


    1. Yeah that happens in Japan too. Before I adopted Small Lady I was told by pet adoption agencies that dogs I were interested in adopting had gone to Japanese families because they were a better fit. But I think it was just blind racism.


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