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Adoption, parenting, and general updates…

It’s Netflix Friday again.  I’m waiting for “Santa Clarita Diet” to drop.   It’s a heartwarming zomcom.  Check it out if like me you like weird as fuck shit and Timothy Olyphant.  Mmm…

While I’m waiting for that, I’m also waiting for Small Lady’s breakfast to digest a bit before taking her out for a walk.  It seems to have finally stopped raining.  The sun has come out, but it’s not warmed up tremendously quite yet.  Next week looks to be warmer.

The online NPO has been kind of quiet lately.  I mean I guess that’s good.  Not too many people putting babies up for adoption.  At the moment there are three babies who we’ve applied to adopt.  We’ve not heard anything though and the deadline for 2/3 is the end of the month.  The 3rd baby’s deadline is mid-April.  However, as far as I know this is just the deadline to apply for these babies.  I have no idea how long the birth mother has to choose a family (nor does the deadline have anything to do with their birth day).  As ultimately it’s her choice, I guess she has as much time as she wants, and if she doesn’t decide, I guess that means she keeps the baby.  I mean good for her and the child that the birth mother has decided to raise the baby, and I really hope the child grows up safe and happy.  Bad for us who remain childless.  (On a side note one of the babies is a boy and the other two are unknown which makes me wonder if the birth mother asked not to be told.  I hadn’t been purposely applying for boys, but I was hoping that since I thought the baby I lost was a boy, the PTB would add a boy back into our lives.  Finding out she was a girl won’t change what I apply for, but I wonder if the PTB plan to add a girl into our lives first.  It goes without saying that I didn’t have the luxury of knowing what gender the other two babies I lost were.  Let’s face it.  I have no idea how the PTB work.  I just hope they start working in our favor for once because I’m quite tired of heartbreak and disappointment.)

On a continuing theme of WTF are the PTB doing, I stumbled on this on Twitter last night:


I mean but those guys get to be parents right?  WTF is that shit?  When I told my mom about the results of the MC, she said “I am so sorry you two are going through this.  I can’t think of any one else who would be better parents.”  I’m sure a lot of that was mom bias.  Maybe we wouldn’t be the World’s Best Parents™️, but we’d be better than the above mentioned parents.  We’d be better than the parents at Costco who let big brother terrorize little sister until she was crying or the parents I mentioned a long time ago who let their child fall off the food court bench and audibly smack his head and laugh at it.  (I’ll never forget that sound.)  I swear the parents at Costco are the worst.  I know we’d be better parents than that.  Mom also said she had a box labeled “Dream Big Dreams” she plans on sending us when we do get our long awaited baby.  I teared up just typing that.  Maybe we wouldn’t be the best parents in the world, but don’t we deserve a chance?

Meanwhile, we’ve almost finished collecting documents for another NPO (and this is the one Mamoru thinks will get us a baby the fastest).  We’ve ordered our family registry from our previous city.  (Mamoru says that it remains where we got married forever which means every time we need a copy we have to mail a form and ¥300 to them to get it.)  Can Japan go digital yet?  Geez.  Finally, I’ve got to get a health check which is a chest x-ray, poo test, blood test, weight check, and heart test.  Fortunately before I had the D&C, they took a ton of blood and ran tests on it, so I don’t need to do the blood tests again.  All those other tests are just a minor annoyance.  Hopefully, I can get them done soon.  The good news is that I will also need to send that information to Company H so two birds and all that.  Other than that we’ve got all the remianing documents ready and waiting.  Once they receive the documents from us, they will do a home visit.  So things are moving (albeit slowly).

My rash seems to have lessened a bit, so I suppose that means I won’t die.  I might die of waiting for a baby though.  I hope not.  Not much else is new.  I have a freelance appointment later.  Last (or so I thought) yoga is tomorrow, but it turns out that the yoga group has been taken over by none other than Michiru, and she’s already got some events organized for April.  Huzzah!  I’m glad I can continue yoga and don’t have to look for another class (read: deal with the hassle of looking for a class that accepts tattoo’d people).  I imagine tomorrow might be hard but I’m really looking forward to getting back into yoga again.  I’ve really missed it.

That’s all for me today.  Time to be lazy for a while.  Be well.

9 thoughts on “Adoption, parenting, and general updates…

  1. Wow our required health test was simply going into our primary care doctor and telling him that we are adopting and having him listen to our heart and then gave him the template for what the letter needed to say. Interesting that you apply when babies come up rather than just having your book out there for mothers to check out… Either way it’s excruciating…

    Ended up watching the second season of Jessica Jones and I don’t know about you but I don’t think it was as good as the first season…? I love Santa Clarita Diet- hopefully that will be good marathon watch as it’s pouring down rain this weekend here!


    1. Oh and yeah I took my husband to a Costco a couple of months ago just so he could see what hell it was to walk through there on a busy weekend – I think I said something like “welcome to America” 🙄


    2. That’s just how this one particular NPO works. We’ve found each one to be different. I don’t know if JJ was better S1. I know S2 was for sure different. I know S1 made me so uncomfortable and I got chills to see KG once again.


  2. Parents like that are the reason I find it hard to believe in fate or PTB or the universe having any influence on anything. I refuse to believe I would be a worse parent that people who refuse to take their child home when they are CLEARLY not well. Yet they get to be a parent and I don’t. Either I’ve done something really, really bad without even knowing it or it’s all just pure dumb luck.


      1. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I don’t actually believe in a higher power and the PTB is a nod to one of my all time favorite TV shows, Angel. It’s nice to have something to blame all the bad shit that happens to me on. “Curse you PTB!”


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