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What I’d hoped…

Yesterday was Thursday and since I didn’t have anything to do and my freelance client for that day is in Boston, I decided to be productive and organize my iTunes.  Well, that was either a mistake or a fucking project I wasn’t prepared for.  It took HOURS and I only made it to S.  Then I had to run and get ready to meet my coworkers and a former client for drinks.

However, I was thwarted.  Caught off guard by Eiru again.  He called again and talked my ear off about books and comics, and we also talked about his brother (once upon a time we were all really close), the past, Japan, and everything else under the sun. I listened to him while I did my make up, and then it was time to leave but I didn’t leave.  I sat on the sofa and talked to him some more.

“You know what the strangest thing about all this is?” I said.  “It’s not that you called me suddenly to talk two days ago.  It’s that when you called me to talk two days ago, it felt like it had been 10 minutes since we talked last and like ten years.”

“That’s what I’d hoped,” he said.

At that moment I thought it would always be like that for us.  It was like that in the past.  I wouldn’t see him for a certain amount of time and then we’d just pick up where we left off.  Why was I so surprised that it happened the same way now?  Maybe because because more than ten years had passed which had offered us new life experiences and would change who we are as people.  But how much can we really change those things we like that are built into our core?  For me that’s books, science fiction, space, dinosaurs, X-Men (not the movies shut up), weird and silly comics, Japan, obscure anime & Japanese movies (trust me my Japanese husband had never seen some of the movies I showed him) and almost all of that came from my friendship with Eiru all those years ago.  I have 11 tattoos.  Seven of those tattoos are a product of things that he introduced me to that I had never known before him but came to love.  Four of those tattoos are from my favorite book which I clearly remember him physically handing to me (and telling me I must read) and me devouring.  Many times after that I would revisit that book.  If you ask me my favorite movie, I can’t say.  Too many choices.  I can tell you some of my favorite movies.  But my favorite book?  I could tell you without hesitation.

Also, I’m sure you know I’m an artist because I tried to do a comic thing here which I never finished.  So Usagi.  (Insert eye roll here.)  What you don’t know is that I used to do serious small poster sized art around 11×14 (perhaps?) of X-Men comic covers.  My art is precious to me because those posters which were done pencils, inks, and colors (all by me) were very time consuming.  In the world today 5 of those pieces exist.  Three belong to me and will always belong to me.  They are my 2 Rogues and my first piece a Psylocke/Sabretooth.  Unfortunately, they live in The States because they are too big and fragile (as they’re framed) to bring to Japan.  Another was a piece I did for a former coworker as a birthday present.  We had a large group at my workplace in the US and instead of buying gifts for everyone we always did Birthday Buddies.  One year I drew his name and since he had been fawning over my artwork when I brought photos to show my friends, I decided to gift him a piece of my art, an Angel reborn (that’s the X-Men character not the religious type of Angel).  Sadly, I lost contact with this guy and as much as I’ve tried to find him on Facebook to see if he still has it, I’ve not been able to find him.  The final piece is a Spiderman/Marrow cover which I’m sure you can guess was a gift to Eiru for no reason other than that he loves Spiderman.  I suppose that anecdote alone can tell you how important my friendship with Eiru was way back then.  When he first found me on Facebook one of the first questions I asked him was “Do you still have Spiderman?”  He had it, but a portion of the art had gotten water damaged when his last house flooded.  I told him next time I touch down Stateside, I’d fix it for him.  Fortunately, the only damage I could see on the photo was some of the ink has disappeared from the corner of the picture.  I don’t know what it looks like in person, but it should be an easy fix.  He posted another picture recently showing me that his girlfriend had hung up the picture above another of his favorite artist’s works, so I suppose the wall is a tribute to his favorite artists.  I’m honored to be among them.

Anyway, I finally had to leave the house lest I just not show up at the place at all and I had already told them I’d be there.  However, I didn’t want to get off the phone with Eiru, so I took him with me on my bicycle (yeah I know but also please tell that to all the shitty Japanese people doing the same every damn day).  When I got to Korean Town I showed him some of the sparkly.  You could hear the jealously in his voice.  I mean a hundred years ago (it seems) this guy and I used to watch Japanese movies and obscure anime together; Japan was a shared dream for us, yet I was the one who made it happen.  Jealously should be expected.  (Insert evil laugh here.)  Anyway, I was hoping to take him with me virtually to the big super sparkly tourist area where I was headed for drinks but since it was some around 3AM there, he had to go to sleep.  Later I sent him some photos.  I felt like a damn tourist taking pictures of a place I go to almost weekly.  I hope he enjoyed them.

I’m actually heading back there a little later today to go t-shirt shopping.  I’m off to take Small Lady out and hopefully get a chat in with Naru today before I head out.  I hope things are moving nicely toward your weekend.  Be well.

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