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It’s been a minute…

Sorry I’ve rather disappeared from the blog this week.  It’s been a terribly hectic and exhausting week.  Since Monday I’ve been acting as a tour guide for my cousin because it was her first trip to Japan.  It’s also worth noting that her eyesight is so bad that she’s on disability for it, so I had to help her more than the usual help I provide people.  This trip just reminded me why I hate doing touristy things and hanging out in touristy places.  We visited a shrine, climbed a mountain, walked around a lot of touristy places, went to a theme park, and ate lots of food.  At the end of the week I was completely drained and glad to be back to my normal routine of not doing much.

Yesterday Mamoru and I had lunch with my cousin and then took her to the airport.  After that we drove around and fought 2 legendary raid battles which we completed quite easily due to lots of people around.  However, although Mamoru caught Latais, I did not.  I was angry about it, but I do have more free time (than he does) to go about and try to catch one.  It still sucks though.  After that I came home and cleaned up the gigantic mess Small Lady made, put some make up on, and went to karaoke.  I decided to walk there which took forever in the rain.  Before I left Eiru called me.  This is the second time this week that we’ve talked.  Last time he called on Wednesday, and he talked a lot.  I don’t mind.  He’s very smart, so I like listening to him.  He also tried to call me on Thursday, but I was at a restaurant with my cousin and when I got home, he was in book land and I had a freelance meeting.  I was bummed we couldn’t talk, so I decided to walk to karaoke last night so we could talk a bit.  Mostly, he didn’t want to talk, he wanted to listen to me narrate my walk through my neighborhood and then the surrounding areas.  (I didn’t make it to my destination before my phone crapped out.)  One thing he said he’d like to see was a temple, and I expressed my disgust at how they are always super crowded and overrun with tourists.  He said that even a small temple would be okay for him and heck even better than the large crowded ones.  At that very moment, I happened to be in an area I was quite familiar with because I do freelance work around there.  About a month ago I had walked to a Pokémon gym because there was a Wailmer raid there.  Turns out it was a small temple, and at that time the plum blossoms were in bloom.

Plum blossoms in March

I decided to veer a little off course and take Eiru to that small temple (virtually as it were).  Guys, it was beautiful.  It was lit up inside the temple but the surrounding grounds were dark.  It let out a warm peaceful glow.  I suppose it was for Eiru the same as it was for me watching the sun rise in my home town.  After the temple, he got really quiet and then said in a soft voice “Thank you, Usagi.”  It was the most heartfelt and sincere thanks I’ve probably ever heard in my life.  I didn’t feel like I did much of anything, but I guess it was a big thing for someone who’s never been to Japan but always dreamed of it.  Eiru and I used to talk about Japan and Japanese things a lot back in the day.  I know he’s always wanted to come here for a visit at least.  I told him he’s welcome to.  Anyone is really.  Come visit me.  Me casa es su casa.

I had to get off the phone about one station away from my destination because I had 8% battery left and my charger was about to die too.  Karaoke was so fun though!  Rei was there but so was her dumb boyfriend.  I was so happy to see her, but I also met some really cool lesbians and a tall as fuck but also cool Japanese college kid.  Not bad considering the last few times I went to karaoke it was full of assholes.  However, I did drink too much and am feeling like crap today.  My plan is to lie in bed all day (since I slept like garbage last night) and watch Netflix.  My head is throbbing despite eating some Advil this morning for breakfast.

I guess that’s it.  Long overdue week long update done and done.  Have a nice weekend!

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