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My week in review…

It’s Sunday night here in Japan.  I just finished up Season 2 of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.  Today Mamoru and I spent the day walking around the big touristy area catching Mareep.  We got plenty of candy and our shinies, so all in all it was a successful day.  After we ate at a buffet and have been chilling at home ever since.

Yesterday, I went to a theme park with Rei.  We were together the whole day, and it made me realize how much I miss spending time with her.  (Her dumb boyfriend has fucked off back to Korea, so now Rei and I can spend time together again.)  We spent the day laughing, being awesome, and later huddling under a shared umbrella hiding from the rain.  It was such a happy day despite the shit weather.

While temperatures had warmed this week, by Thursday they took a dive again, and this weekend was positively chilly.  It turned out I had dressed inappropriately a number of days this week.  Spring in Japan is terribly tricky like that.  Coupled with dramatically different day and night temperatures it can be tough never wearing the right clothes.

In other news Eiru and I talked a lot again this week.  One night via chat and two nights on the phone.  What do we talk about?  Nothing really.  It’s like it was all those many years ago.  He talks and I listen.  He talks about a great variety of things such as movies, comics (Japanese and American), books, his grandfather, car chase scenes, graffiti, etc.  (Sometimes I bring up the past which I think he doesn’t like to talk about.)  He likes to talk, and as I mentioned before, he’s incredibly smart, so I’m keen to listen.  I think he may be my muse, you guys, as I feel so inspired to write after talking to him.  If you’ve been around this blog a while you may remember me talk about a novel that I’m writing.  Basically, I haven’t been writing it so much as ignoring it since December 2016.  It was mid 2016 that I realized Eiru still existed because he followed me on Twitter back in 2015 and it was Late 2017 when he found me on Facebook.  It was around those times that I wrote the most.  Add to that about 3 weeks ago when he called me for the first time in 100 years (or around 10 if you want me to be exact).  After that the words just poured out of me.  I’m a little over 1/3 of the way done with the novel at this point.  It seems to me that it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.  Of course, as the author my opinion is biased.  If nothing else it has helped me deal with events in my past that were incredibly shattering at the time.  I sometimes wonder if those wounds have ever truly healed.  Related our nightly chats, he’s mentioned that his girlfriend is less than happy that we’ve been talking.  I can’t understand it.  Our chats are perfectly innocent.  He said I should put myself in her shoes.  What if Mamoru was chatting to a girl frequently?  I said I’d be over the moon if Mamoru had a friend, and his life wasn’t a million percent work after all.  That’s actually true.  I sometimes worry Mamoru doesn’t have any friends aside from his college buddies he sees once in a blue moon.

I guess that’s it.  The computer is near dead, and since I hate using it while it’s plugged in, I’m going to read for a bit.  If you’re curious, I’m reading Children of Time which is something Eiru recommended.  I think he wants me to feel the same way about this book that he did, but I’m not so sure how to feel about it at the moment (a little more than halfway through).  Anyway, I hope you had a nice weekend and start the week off on a high note.  Be well.


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