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The Ides of April?

April marks the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan. This means I’m only married on weekends at the moment. I jest, but really Mamoru has been leaving super early (before 7AM) and coming home super late (after 10PM and sometimes after 11PM). Last night he didn’t tell me when he was coming home and didn’t answer his phone or my texts. I was super annoyed. Mamoru is a salaried employee and doesn’t receive overtime pay, so any extra hours he works are basically free for his company. This practice is not uncommon in Japan. Making employees slaves is one of my least favorite things about this country. The other night he was sad because I was going to bed, and I was like “Fuck I’m here. Come home early if you want to see me. I’ve been here all night.” This weekend we had a mini fight about camping. He planned a small trip around nearby Japan for us for Golden Week and since he planned this last minute, there are like zero hotels available. Japan is a veritable shit show during GW. I would have preferred to leave the country or just stay home. Anyway, he thought it’d be fun to go camping; I thought the exact opposite. So he pouted and because he did that instead of talking to me, we got into an argument. What’s more is our sex life is literally nonexistent. I can actually tell you the last time we had sex because it’s when I got pregnant. Christmas Eve. It’s now April as you know. Yeah good times here in the Moon Kingdom.

In other news Eiru and I aren’t talking on the phone. See I sent him some t-shirts. This is literally no big whoop. I send people shit all the time. In fact, I just sent out 4 packages (to other people not Eiru). Nobody gave me any money for this shit. I just sent them out because I’m a fucking nice person. Anyway, the shirts were from an old skool anime that I know he loves, and I know he couldn’t get anything like that Stateside. He said he didn’t want to open the package while his girlfriend was awake (to avoid drama not because there was anything nasty in there…there wasn’t btw), but she made him open the package. Because he got super excited about the shirts, she got really jealous and they had a big fight and a miserable weekend. When I talked to him yesterday via chat, he said we couldn’t talk on the phone for a while until shit calms down. This super sucks because we’ve just talking about stuff. There’s no naughty or flirtatious talk. Last time we talked about comics, books, and movies. He said she had been eavesdropping on him talking to me. I said that’s fine. She wouldn’t hear anything suspicious or shady. He said she’s only bent out of shape because I have boobs, and if I had a dick, she wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Well EXCUSE my spectacular boobs! (My commentary for this blog not for Eiru.)

So yay drama all around. Company H has been busy as fuck today, and I have a stomachache with no stomach medicine on hand, so I’m basically now sitting here trying not to die. I guess that’s it. I hope your week is going better than mine.

2 thoughts on “The Ides of April?

  1. Golden Week is like a packed train in rush hour. I hounded my husband this year to book early and we reserved our rooms for Kyoto. Last year we ended up at a love hotel because it was the only place we could stay that night.

    *shakes head*


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