I’m currently watching らんま ½ and I’m also currently a little drunk.  I talked to Eiru on the phone yesterday despite the fact that he had grounded himself from calling me, he said we could talk yesterday if I wanted.  Well, of course I wanted to, and we talked for a little over an hour before I had to go to my freelance appointment.  Mostly he just talked about graffiti and planes, but he offered a little insight into his current hell.  He said he had left the the house (the one he shares with his gf) and was about ready to throw his phone into the wall.  Apparently, she’s being really passive aggressive about the situation right now, but also her brother (who also lives at the house) somehow got involved too.  Eiru wouldn’t offer any more information than that, and when I tried to press him for more info, he clammed up.  He’s been with this girl for ten years, but he mentioned that he moved out for like a year at some point due to a similar situation.  My goodness ten years is a long time.  It’s longer than I’ve even known Mamoru.  Eiru says that I’m not to blame for the problems in his relationship which I fully believe as they clearly existed before his miraculous reappearance into my life.  This evening I talked to Eiru for about 5 minutes before he fucked off to go to sleep.  He said “the emotional battle is starting to take its toll.”  For as hard as he is I remember he can be quite sensitive at times.

I don’t know where I was going with this.  I think the wine has soaked right into my brain.  It’s after 10PM, and I’ve not heard from Mamoru as to when he’s going to be home.  What’s more is that Rei seems to have died and hasn’t answered any of my texts for the past two days.  I blew off karaoke tonight to save money, stay home, watch anime and drink wine.  Mostly I was hoping to talk to Eiru on the phone, but that didn’t happen.  I think Friday has managed to kill everyone off, myself included.  I ate a bag of chips, Brussels sprouts, and two glasses of wine for dinner.  So much for the diet.

I don’t really have anything else to say.  Everyone I know is either figuratively dead or dying.  What is even happening right now?  Note to self: don’t blog drunk.  I love all of you.  Thank you for reading about my crap fest of a life.

3 thoughts on “Wine:30…

    1. I’ve never met her but he’s said he’ll introduce us to which she responded with a less than enthusiastic “yay”. He said he also tried to make peace with her by giving her the best key chain I had sent in the post (which kinda of annoyed me) but she was less than thrilled with his peace offering gift. I said she’d probably set the key chain on fire. 😅


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