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Monday, Monday…

Well Monday was supposed to be a nice easy low key day but it didn’t exactly work out that way so now I’m eating celery with vegan cheese and getting drunk on Strong Zero.

Today I started a sewing project which I didn’t finish it because at the end I was swimming in it.  I still have no idea what size I should be using on sewing patterns because even though my measurements coincide with what’s on the envelope, whatever I make still ends up too big.  In the midst of all this and fucking around on YouTube, I discovered SZA’s album Ctrl is the anthem of my life.  My favorite song of hers right now is “Drew Barrymore” which I must have listened to at least 50 times today.  (And which I’m listening to right now.)  This song hit me so fucking hard because I can apply it to so many different facets of my life.  So I listened to this song and others while sewing which took all damn day, and I called it quits because I still couldn’t get the jumpsuit to fit.  I decided to set it aside and fix it another day when I don’t feel like murdering.

After that I cleaned up the mountain of dishes from all day yesterday that Mamoru said he’d do but decided to sleep through practically everything yesterday.  I told him I’d do them today (in addition to picking up his dry cleaning and buying food for me this week).  I didn’t have time to buy tomato seeds today because I had to be home for a delivery.  What’s more I forgot I had an Ex-raid Pass in Pokémon Go and when I remembered it, everyone had cleared the fuck out of there.  It’s not like I need Mewtwo, but I was annoyed about it nonetheless.

Still having radio silence from Eiru.  I hope things are okay.  I didn’t bother to send him a message today because it’s still the weekend in my hometown, so I figured it’d be a waste of energy because he wouldn’t answer it.  I miss talking to him already.  God his girlfriend sucks.

What else?  I’m working at the main office of Company H this week (and next) and Yuichiro already sent me a message saying he’s coming by.  Yay?  I dunno I guess he’s being a decent human being these days but I can’t seem to forget his was a real shit there for a while.

I guess that’s it.  Mamoru is coming home late again but at least he told me this time.  I plan to drink more and watch the premiere of “Westworld” which is goals as fuck am I right?  I hope you’re having a better week.

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