“Better day than yesterday…”

Tonight’s SZA on repeat is “Broken Clocks” which is another song that punches me right in the gut.

I talked to Eiru via chat for half a minute tonight (or more like 40 minutes whatever).  Apparently my existence in his world is STILL causing problems for his super insecure girlfriend.  This means he’s grounded from talking on the phone with me yet again.  Ugh.  I did tell him before all this shit hit the fan that I just got him back in my life, and I wouldn’t lose him again.  Not if I could help it.

The main branch of Company H today was busy as hell.  I had a meeting right when I walked in the door which was earlier than usual because it was raining.  I tried to ride my bike, but I gave up about halfway and got on the train.  On the ride home I sat with my two coworkers from the other branch, and I talked to my new coworker for a bit.  Turns out he’s a bibliophile, so I guess I can’t hate this guy.  He actually recommended a book to me which now I have to check out because it sounds cool (after the price drops of course).  He’s a bit…um…interesting as he’s not big on eye contact.  I’m trying to not be a judgemental bitch and hold off on making any assumptions about that.  It could be because he was sitting next to me and not in front of me.  Whatever.

I guess that’s it.  I finished Children of Time.  If you’re looking for a surprising sci-fi read, then check this out.  I was on the fence throughout the whole book, but then I got to the end and fell in love.  Brilliant.  Be well you guys.

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