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Wherein I say “fuck” a lot…

Forgive me.  I’m super fucking complainy these days but that’s only because I have a lot to complain about.

So today was a big clusterfuck.  Apparently, Company H was closed (despite literally everyone being there today).  Since Company H is in the 田舎 (countryside) there is only one train that goes there (no kidding).  They shut down service on that particular line due to working on the bridge that crosses a legit river. (I told you…countryside.). However, they didn’t bother to tell me that I could go home until I actually got there.  I arrived at noon.  They had all damn morning to say “Hey don’t go in today” but they fucked that up royally.  I get there at noon via bicycle, and they are like “Hey go home”.  At that point I was about to say “Fuck you, I don’t get paid if I go home”, but I had my supervisor put that more politely.  It takes me an hour to get to Company H one way via bicycle.  No way I was just gonna turn around and go home empty handed.  Fuck that shit.  After that they putzed around until they finally decided to close the whole building at 2PM.  When I found out they had contacted my two coworkers working at the other branch ahead of time and had told them not to come in BEFORE they arrived and that they would get paid for the day I was even more pissed off.  What the fuck?  They need to pull their heads out of their asses.  What’s more, the train company doesn’t think they’ll be done by tonight, but Company H still hasn’t made a decision about what will happen tomorrow.  Fucking hell.  Get it together.

Then I come home to a big mess from Small Lady and Mamoru is bugging me to book a hotel RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but as I’m asking him questions about the booking, he stops responding to my texts.  Apparently, he thought that time was a good fucking time to call a coworker.  Meanwhile, all I want to do is lie in bed, drink Chu-Hi, and watch The Walking Dead.  Also, I’m on the cusp of my fucking period, and I hate everyone right now.  Not to mention Eiru who promised to “make it up” to me today for bailing so early yesterday.  He’s nowhere to be found at the moment.  So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to lock myself in the bedroom and put a sign on the door that says DO NOT DARE FUCKING DISTURB ME.  Because that’s literally my mood right now.

Not my fucking finest week.

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