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Lotta bullshit…

It looks like day 2 of Eiru’s self-imposed (or girlfriend imposed) Facebook banishment.  Though I’m of the mind it’s self-imposed as he’s told me many times, the only person who can make Eiru do anything is Eiru himself.  Perhaps it’s in the interest of preserving the peace in his household as he’s mentioned before that my existence in his world constantly disrupts said peace (for clarity I mean it’s only because I’ve become a part of HIS world once again that things are less than peaceful for him as I’ve always managed to exist in THE world).

Last night I received a message from the head office telling all of us to go to Company H tomorrow (now today) despite the train closure.  I took that as a go ahead and left a little early this morning to buy cat food for the stray cats I feed.  I cycled to Company H and was almost there when I got an email saying “Go home.  We’re closing at noon.”  The email was time stamped 11:04AM but I was on the bicycle at that time and thought everyone was just working, so I didn’t bother to check the email.  I was almost at the door when I checked it and cussing profusely, I turned right back around.  As it turns out, I just so happened to fall in love with a couple of the stray cats and am hoping I can convince Mamoru to let us adopt them.  I doubt that will go over well for two reasons. One is that he is allergic to cats and two is that we aren’t quite sure how Small Lady would react to such intruders.  I wish I had a farm sometimes.  I mean a city farm.

Since I’ve not had to work today, I’ve been lying in bed all day battling a stomachache, watching “Legion” & “The Expanse” and reading Shades of Grey (not the 50 variety as you can see from the link).  No drinking because I have a freelance meeting tonight (bummer right as I could totally use a cold one right about now).  I did some book shopping despite having now 78 books in my To Read folder on my Kindle and some 225 books on my Goodreads To Read list.  The last thing I need is more books, but I can’t turn down books priced $2.99 or less (love you Kindle).  I swear I don’t work for Amazon.

I’m trying not to think (read: worry) about Eiru too much.  He’s an adult person and can handle his own problems.  He doesn’t need any help from me.  I only worry about being banished from his life despite his swearing that’ll never happen.  However, past experiences lead me to not put too much stock in any of Eiru’s promises.

In other news, I started my period today, so hooray for that.  That couldn’t be more sarcastic if I tried.  The first day is always the worst day and together with the bullshit at Company H and the bullshit caused by Eiru’s girlfriend, I’ve had a helluva shitty day.  Good news is I’m keeping the Advil is coming in a steady stream as well as not doing too much of anything.  I’m so very happy my freelance meeting is a mere 5 minutes from my house as I couldn’t be bothered to go much farther.

That’s it I guess.  There’s an awful lot of whinging lately in these blogs.  Sorry not sorry as I’ve got to get it out somewhere.  However, I do hope you’re having better days.

2 thoughts on “Lotta bullshit…

  1. You too? You’re like the fifth person I know who started their period right now. I’m on the 4th day of mine. The past two days have sucked because of that.

    And what a shitty thing for your company to do. I hope your Golden Week goes well and makes up for your crappy week.


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