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“I just take it day by day…”

Despite his earlier shitty behavior Mamoru was being really sweet yesterday.  He said I was beautiful like the azaleas we rode past, and he bought me a strawberry tart from our local bakery even though I said I didn’t want anything (but those strawberry tarts are my favorite).  Perhaps it was an attempt at atonement.  Who knows what goes on in his brain?

Today we spent the morning cleaning the house as we have a home visit from another NPO tomorrow.  I also packed away all my winter clothes, and after the shitty depressing winter I had, I was glad to see them go.  I gathered a small bag of clothes to donate to H&M for recycling which I’ll take later today.  Tonight Mamoru and I are going to eat dinner at this vegetarian place he found and the go see Infinity War.  I’m super excited!

I’m trying to get caught up on my TV.  I watch A LOT of TV.  So much so that I have an app to track it.  However, since I started watching “らんま ½” and “The Expanse” I’ve fallen a little behind.  I finished “The Walking Dead” for the season.  To be honest I’m so tired of that show.  I hope it ends soon.  I wrapped up “Criminal Minds” for the season, and it feels like that show will never end.  Today I’m working on “Ash vs. the Evil Dead” which has been canceled.  I’m actually glad when a show I’m not all about gets canceled.  It’s less I have to watch in the future.  I’m always reluctant to give up on a show though.  I feel like it’s a total waste of my time if I don’t end up liking it, so if I just think it’s so-so I tend to keep watching it.  I did dump “Homeland” though as I just think that it has only gotten worse since they keep killing off the most likable characters.  I also gave up on “Fear the Walking Dead”, but I’ve heard that it’s gotten better now.  Sigh.  If you’re curious about what shows I am all about right now it’s “The Expanse” (obvi), “Westworld”, and “Legion”.  I also watch a fuckton of Netflix, so let me know if you need recommendations there.

Eiru messaged me last night breaking his silence this week.  He said he’s still battling with his girlfriend.  However, he talked to me via chat for about two hours.  What did we talk about?  Books and spiders.  So of course she should be super jealous right?  (That was sarcasm.). Since I finished the book he recommended, I needed a new recommendation.  Even though I am reading Shades of Grey right now (again not 50), I still like getting book recommendations from Eiru as he is the person responsible for my favorite book of all time.  This evolved into him offering to send me some books in the post which I’m over the moon about (and it’s a nice and unexpected payback for the shirts I sent him).  I told him to make it a surprise and not tell me what he’s sending.  More than anything else I trust his judgment where books are concerned, and I love surprises.  Anyway, I was happy to talk to him.  I wonder if she’s gonna ever stop being dumb, so he and I can talk on the phone again.  Oh well, I’ll take what I can get especially since we’ve had a more than ten year hiatus.

That’s all for me.  Be well.

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