I wanna get off…

I don’t even know where to begin.  This week has been such a roller coaster and not the fun kind either.  It’s been the kind that makes you want to stop mid ride and makes you never want to go on it again.  I’m currently sitting in bed nursing a headache, and I have a Japanese lesson in a few hours which I have not at all done my homework for because since Monday this is the first moment I’ve had to even breathe.

A nice relaxing day with no worries whatsoever.  I miss it already.

Last week I started a book exchange group on Facebook, but I don’t have many books.  Someone on a different FB group contacted me that she had 9 books to give away (three of which I’m actually interested in reading).  Turns out she was fucking far away, but since I seem to think I can ride my bike anywhere, I decided to ride there instead of taking the train.  It took 1 hour and 20 minutes from my work and then from her station it took 3 hours and 54 minutes to get back home.  I wanted to die.

AM freelance, work at Company H, come home, eat dinner and then pass the fuck out due to exhaustion.  (This day Yuichiro came by the office.  Last week was his birthday, so I sent him a message on Instagram.  He told me he deleted his Instagram which turned out to be a lie, and I’m just so tired of his bullshit.)

AM started with my sister saying she hated her life on FB, so I messaged her and said she can talk to me if need be.  Well, she did.  At one point she had two pit bulls but re-homed one because he wasn’t getting along with the other dog.  Whoever she re-homed him with either gave him to someone else or he got out or he was let go.  He was picked up by animal control and they put him on the kill list due to some food aggression (which Small Lady also has so I swear to god don’t you dare say anything about the breed as Small Lady isn’t a pit).  Since the dog was microchipped to my sister they contacted her and told her to come get him.  Well, recently my sister moved out of her house and into my mom’s house.  My mom has another dog and couldn’t take him.  My dad has no dog and refused to take him.  My sister, me, and a friend of mine put pleas out on FB for someone to foster the dog temporarily.  No dice so he was gonna be euthanized.  That was the last news from Thursday.  I go to Company H.  We are slammed and I barely have one bathroom break.  I go home, eat dinner, freelance, and then pass the fuck out due to exhaustion.

Which brings us to…

Friday AM:
I’m currently nursing a huge headache.  My mom and my sister hate each other and both blame each other for the dog problem.  I don’t comment either way and just try to help the dog.  My sister went down to animal control and spoke to someone there who was handling the dog.  She gave the handler some insight about his behavior and they took him off the kill list.  It’s hopeful but they still don’t have a home for him.  Eventually, my sister wants him back once she gets out of my mom’s house again.  I guess it’s better news than waking up to hear he was put to death.

In other news, Mamoru willingly slept on the sofa half this week.  Like he decided to do this not just fell asleep out there.  I was too exhausted to even argue with him about it.  He’s still barely touched me at all.

Eiru has stopped speaking to me altogether (again) which makes me sad, but I’m not surprised.  This very much resembles his pattern of behavior when we were friends all those years ago.  There is nothing I can do.  Right now I don’t even have the energy to do anything.

Today I’ll go to my Japanese lesson, go to a freelance meeting and then to karaoke.  So busy I’m sure my eyes will be bleeding later.  I need a fucking break.  I wish this ride would just stop.  I wanna get off.

I’m gonna go eat breakfast now and try not to die today.  I hope you had a better week than I did.


2 thoughts on “I wanna get off…

  1. I really wish wordpress had more than a “like” function. An empathy button would be nice. I worried when you hadn’t updated in a while. I feel bad “liking” sad posts, but I want you to know I read your words.

    Liked by 2 people

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