Waning and waxing…

Mamoru is passed out on the sofa for the second time tonight since dinner.  I turned off the light and just left him there.  I suppose he’ll be sleeping there.  No sense in losing any sleep over it especially since the last two nights have been rather shit in the sleep department.

This weekend has been almost as bad as the week was.  I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just start with Friday.

AM was fine though while riding to my Japanese lesson my rear tire was making some weird noise.  I ignored it, had my lesson, and when I came out, my tire was flat as fuck.  I needed to go to the bank and the post office.  Since the bank was near my lesson location I walked to it and then since I had been to this bike shop before, I walked it down there.  I lost about 45 minutes of my day which was a small annoyance but at least it was fixed and I didn’t fuck up while using Japanese.  I went to the post office, then chilled at home for a while before my freelance meeting.  After the meeting I met Rei and we had dinner before karaoke (which is where I now “work” on Friday nights).  Rei had felt ashamed she had failed to get stupid drunk last Friday, so I made sure she got stupid drunk this night at the expense of dumb guys buying us drinks despite me flashing my wedding ring around.  Getting Rei drunk was either the best thing I could have done that night or the stupidest.  So aside from the entourage of dumb guys, Rei’s coworker was there.  Toward the end of the night she was talking to him and I was standing near her.  She told him that she was quitting her job and moving to Korea in October (the month of my birth).  Our mutual friend was there also (no pseudonym yet) and after hearing Rei’s fucking drunk truth bomb for the first time, I dragged him outside, crying and told him to tell Rei I was sick or make up some other bullshit reason why I left.  I was so angry and hurt that I didn’t even say goodbye.

In the morning I cried to Mamoru about Rei and he gave the standard Japanese “it can’t be helped” response and reminded me Rei doesn’t belong to me and she has the right to fuck up her own life as much as she wants.  It is in my opinion a huge fuck up as she just showed me a message that night from her useless piece of shit boyfriend saying she was stupid.  She messaged me later in the morning apparently not knowing she had said the Korea shit in front of me, and I didn’t bring it up.  Later Mamoru and I went to the big touristy/shopping area, and I surprised him with a trip to AU to get his birthday present (a bit early).  Two hours later we walked out of there with a brand new iPad for him, and I’m so glad I finally was able to buy him something he will use.  We joined the remaining hour and thirty minutes of Pokémon Go Community Day, got our shinies, and then had a big lunch.  The rest of the evening I spent reading because Mamoru had to go to a funeral.

I went to yoga this morning and Kotono was there.  We exchanged pleasantries and not much else.  This yoga teacher was a different one than last time (since my previous yoga teacher returned to The States) and the class has been taken over by two new teachers both with very different styles.  Today’s teacher had us do some pair work which included some karate chops on the back and spine and a small massage.  I was paired with this ADORABLE freckled girl next to me, and she and I giggled while doing this.  After yoga we talked while walking in the same direction.  She’s very sweet, and we’re having dinner on Tuesday.  After that Mamoru and I went to the Thai Festival in the hopes I could buy mangosteen.  They were sold out and we left shortly thereafter and ate at a new restaurant nearby for lunch.  I spent the rest of the day finishing one book and starting another.  I made pizza for dinner so I guess with bread at lunch and that pizza…fuck the diet today.  That brings us full circle, me here in bed writing this and Mamoru sleeping on the sofa.

Of course, I think I’ve always been able to make friends easily.  However, finding friends that I am truly 100% simpatico with is a rare and beautiful thing.  Naru is one of those friends, Eiru is one of those friends, Artemis is one of those friends, and most recently Rei is one of those friends (yet Rei is the only one of those in the same city as me).  While all the other people listed in this blog are of course my friends, true soul siblings is so very hard to find especially the older I get.  Even though Mamoru swears I’ll still be friends with Rei as I know I will, it’s never the same after they’re gone.  There is no substitute for spending time with someone you care deeply about.  This may sound silly to you as I’ve met four people who I like recently.  There’s a beautiful Ugandan girl I met at karaoke last weekend, there’s a new and interesting face showing his tattoo’d arm around Company H, there’s my new coworker who’s not only a bibliophile but also an obscure hip hop fan, and today there’s the cute freckled girl.  Of course, seems like a multitude of new people come into my life at once, but there’s no telling if these people will turn out to be true love in friendship form.  I guess as per usual, I just get to ride it out.  As a funny aside the tattoo’d one kept asking me if I had tattoos and I kept jumping over the question.  Finally one day at the office, I pulled back my sleeve the tiniest bit where no one else could see it, and he about flipped the fuck out.  It was glorious.  The following week he walked with me, and I showed him some more of my artwork out of the prying eyes of Company H’s officials.  I love the way Japanese people here react to my tattoos…so differently compared to my last city.

Anyway, I hope you’re having less drama than I am at the moment.  Be well.

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