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People all around me, karaoke, and Eiru…

I wasn’t planning on blogging right this minute but I have mad anxiety, and I need to let it out somewhere.

(Note: I updated the Pseudonyms tab.  My friends aren’t evil, but just I’m running out of “Sailor Moon” characters.)

This week was another “Don’t Forget to Breathe” week.  So much so that I can’t even remember what happened at the beginning of the week which made it go so crazy.

I can start with Tuesday.  The freckled girl from yoga (now known as Haruna), and I made plans to have dinner on Tuesday, so I didn’t get home until after 8.  She’s so nice and cute.  We’re not instant best friends like what happened with Rei, but I’m sure we’ll hang out again.

On Wednesday, I went to pick up some books from a dude who was giving them away on Facebook.  Unfortunately, the lot yielded lots of Dostoevsky and Dostoevsky-like novels which isn’t my cup of tea, but Shingo was happy to hear that.  I picked 2 books to read out of the lot of 18, and set aside 4 for Shingo, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss.  Once I got home, I got a little reading in before collapsing into bed and falling right asleep instantly staring at the ceiling for hours trying to sleep.  But not before Eiru broke radio silence and called me for the first time in like two weeks.  He said he’d been ignoring me to return his household to normalcy which had apparently worked because his girlfriend stopped being crazy.  We talked for a little bit, and I gave him hell and a half for ignoring me and made him promise to send me books.  It made for a happy ending to the day.

On Thursday, the tattoo’d boy (now known as Rubeus) came in to see me at Company H and since I was going to a welcome party for my new coworker (now known as Tomoe), I stayed back for a half an hour later than I was scheduled to chat with him (Rubeus) and watch “Rick & Morty” while he waited for his train.  After that I biked to the place where we were set to meet and luckily ran into one of my coworkers from the main office.  If I hadn’t, I would have been there alone.  We sat and chatted while waiting for the rest of them to pour in at various times.  Even though it was kinda something we had to attend, it turned out to be a lot of fun.  There were a lot of laughs.  Actually, the past two weeks I’ve been working with Tomoe, and as it turns out, we get along really well.  I told him I’d actually miss working with him (as they rotate the three of us PT workers between the two offices).  Even though I didn’t know what returning to work would be like after having so much time off due to the pregnancy and subsequent MC, it turns out I’m very happy to be back and am glad I’ve met some wonderful new people.

On Friday, I had a Japanese lesson.  My teacher prepared a “Sailor Moon” themed lesson and how many times can I say I love this new teacher?  After that I chilled for a short time at home and then went to a freelance meeting, and ended up having an impromptu dinner with Rubeus introducing him to the best Mexican food in our city.  (Trust me.  I know Mexican food.)  After that I went to karaoke.  It didn’t start out great as the organizer laid into me practically the minute I got there.  May I remind everyone that I’m volunteering.  I don’t get paid to work there.  I just don’t have to pay the entrance fee.  He said I was doing a shitty job, and people had complained about me.  Let me also remind everyone that it was only my second night working.  Never mind the fact that he had given out name tags before I got there which is supposed to be done AFTER taking people’s money to determine who has paid, so there was no way for me to track who had paid or not.  Well all this basically ruined my night and when the head organizer got there, I literally cried to him saying that the other guy was being a dick.  The head organizer said he had heard no complaints about me, and I was doing fine.  Anyway, I met a couple of nice people despite the earlier turbulence.

Today was our last class with our local institution for the foster to adopt program.  Incidentally it was also the most boring and I almost fell asleep at least 5 times, and couldn’t understand 3 out of the 4 speakers.  After that though freedom rang loudly, and I biked home alone because Mamoru went to get a haircut.   ThenI’m just sitting here reading and minding my own business when the head organizer from karaoke messages me saying he spoke to the other organizer about the issue last night and that he (head organizer) and I need to have a talk.  I asked if I was fired.  He said no but didn’t say what we needed to talk about, so my anxiety shot through the fucking roof and I tried not to hyperventilate.  I tried talking to Shingo and Rei, but neither one was able to get my mind settled.  It was only until I saw that Eiru was online and messaged him (and luckily got a response) that I started to calm down.  We didn’t talk about anything heavy just books and anime, but maybe that’s why my mind strayed off the karaoke bullshit.  He was able to distract me.

That brings you up to speed.  Right now.  To this very moment of me typing this blog.  I’m gonna try to sleep now.  Wish me luck.  Be well.


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