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It’s been more than a week since my last post.  I’ll try to update you as concisely as possible with the happs.

Work: I’m officially as of yesterday on vacation from Company H.  They’re still open but I don’t give a fuck as I won’t be there.

Adoption: We had our work days at the local institution planned for Sunday (29th) and Monday (30th).  However, there was a flu outbreak, so they’ve canceled one of our days.  We can’t make this up until September since I’ll be in America.  This really super sucks because it means getting our certificate will be delayed even further.

Travel: On August 1st, I GTFO of Japan and head for my place of birth for a little more than a month.  I’m really looking forward to spending lots of time with my silly niece and my family, I guess.  I hope they don’t drive me crazy.  I’ve already lined up one freelance job but am hoping to get lots more.

Freelance: In Japan (on Wednesday) I worked with my last freelance client until September.

Friends: Rei is still planning on moving to Korea as far as I know.  However, she told me she’s done working at her Japan job in September, so we can spend loads of time together before she leaves.  The reality of her leaving hasn’t quite sunk in yet, and it sucks I won’t get to see her for a month.  We text every day.  All day.  I don’t think I can live without her.

Today, a small group is going out for Ryo’s birthday.  It was actually a couple weeks ago, but like me Ryo struggles with depression and didn’t feel like going out on the day.  We’re having dinner and going to karaoke tonight.

Mimi had her baby a couple of days ago.  She sent me pictures late at night and because I was awake due to sleeping like shit these days.  The baby (a girl) is very cute and has tons of hair.  I sent her a genuine congrats but had a small pang of sadness thinking about my baby’s would be September due date.

Mamoru: Things are as well as can be expected here.  Mamoru doesn’t pretend he’s going to sleep in the bed anymore, and I’ve stopped fighting it.  If he wants to sleep on the sofa, then he can sleep on the sofa.  I had a bit of a breakdown last weekend trying to purchase a new WiFi.  Basically, I was told I couldn’t purchase WiFi without a passport which is fucking ridiculous because I am a permanent resident of Japan and my permanent residency is longer than the length of the contract.  When Mamoru asked if the same rules apply to Japanese, the salesman said no and that an insurance card would suffice as a second ID.  I promptly provided this for him, but it wasn’t enough and of course I don’t carry my passport around because I’m not a fucking tourist.  I started crying in the store because their treatment of foreigners was super racist.  Mamoru, however, firmly believed it was only policy and not racism (spoken like someone who has never experienced racism in his life and has benefited greatly from being Japanese in Japan).  He wouldn’t even attempt to see my side.  When I told this to Rei she was like “yeah super racist”.  Mamoru acted like an ass the rest of the night and when I got home I tried to reconcile saying that I love Japan but it’s fucking hard to live here.  He wouldn’t hear any of it and said that taking care of me that day (for a few hours mind you) was extremely exhausting and he didn’t have energy to care about what I said anymore.  I told him to rest easy as I wouldn’t fucking bother him the whole time before leaving for America.  International marriage amirite?

I suppose that’s got you all caught up for now.  I have to jet as I have a Japanese lesson that I didn’t do my homework for.  I don’t wanna go, but it’s too late to cancel now.  I’ll just suck it up and deal.  It’s my last lesson until September, so I’ll try to do my best.

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Things have been busy AF.  I’ll update you more frequently starting next week.  I promise to get caught up on your blogs too.  Be well.

2 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Yes, racism. You can’t have two different sets of requirements for people based on their nationality and not call it racism :/ And urgh, husband defensiveness about Japan sucks too.

    Have a safe trip home!


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